Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Half Weekend Update (in pictures!)

The sun setting behind the deck at my brother's house.  This was happening when I was taking the dogs out the first time.  Each time I really look at the construction of this deck I'm fascinated all over again that my brother built it with his own two hands!  And what you don't see is that to the left is a whole other section that goes up to the pool where I spend a LOT of my summer.
(from top down) Abby, Buddy, Goober.  My "children" for the weekend....
Morning kisses!  And, well goodbye kisses!  I took Abby out to my parents' farm because they *adore* her and she doesn't leave my brother's often because she is so old; she'll be 10 in August!
I'm such a good baby sister!  I even baked cookies for my brother and sister-in-law to come home to tomorrow!  (peanut butter cookies, instead of putting Hershey kisses in the middle, I put mini Reeses in them.  HEAVEN!)

Tomorrow I'm off to see my grandma and grandpa, I'm excited!  But, I know there won't be any pictures from that....

Friday, April 29, 2011

My weekend....

This is what I will be staring at until Sunday....ahhh who am I kidding, they have a hugeeeee tv.  I will be watching that!  Hahaha.  Need me?  Too bad!  Nah, just catch me on twitter or email :)

Last Chance!

Book swap sign ups end on the FIRST of MAY!  :)  I will email everyone partners on the second when I get back to my home!  Enjoy the weekend...oh!  And if you get bored, my boredom will also be showing at my twitter... come join me so we can be bored together :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Progress! {update b}

I finally buckled down today and finished panel 1 on the bag...I've even started the second panel!  According to the instructions, you make the two panels, add the petals, then make the strips for the bottom/sides and handles to attach.  I'm EXCITED for a completed project but I'm nervous about the petals.  They're made of this set of stitches: single, half double, double, triple, double, half double, single.  I only know single and double really well, but I'm going to take some yarn and work on the half double and triple for a few rows before I try it on the actual purse.  Here's some pics for the finished panel...
This is the "back" of the panel, aka inside of purse....I need to weave in my tails at some point too!
This is the "front" of the panel, I will essentially crochet the petals into the top of this side.
This is a close up of the front, the ridges that come up a bit compared to the rest are the stitches that I'm going to stitch the petals into.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

MySpace Memory Lane....

Well, I saw this post from Haley earlier and loved the idea!  I will leave my MySpace open for as long as I can because my best friend Heather's page is still there, and as mentioned before, she passed away Halloween 2008.  The fact that I was just looking at it and she was posting up until the day before she died made me cry a little.  Ok, a lot.  But, here are some pics that I pulled off of there!  (sorry for the photos but aren't they fun??!)
This is Pendleton, he was my dad's dog and I think I miss him every time I walk in their house and he isn't laying on the chair....
The week before I started my senior year of high school.  I had just cut my hair off, but I really love this picture because I look so dang happy and my eyes look greener than they usually do in pictures.
This was the last Christmas in our old house, the one I grew up in, so that would have been Christmas 2003.  I was sucking the chocolate off pretzels haha.  And how badass were my nails!  I did them myself all the time.
Graduation!  June 1, 2003.  I walked with Clayton, he was my best guy friend from second grade on, I miss him!  His mom was convinced we would get married!
Also Graduation Day!  This is my sister-in-law, Jamie, and me.  For the longest time, I was closer to her than my real sister.  My brother couldn't have picked a better girl, but we all wonder what she sees in him hahahahaha
My friend Sarah and I.  She is still one of my best friends.  We met in second grade as well.  I'm not kidding when I say most of my friends have been in my life for nearly 20 years!
These two were from the winter before Heather died.  The top is: Brittany, Betsy, and Trisha.  The bottom is: Stacy, Heather, Me.  I love these girls but I'm only in contact with Brittany now.
Brittany, me, Heather.  This was the first birthday we celebrated together, mine and Heather's 22nd; my birthday is May 5th, Heather's was May 15th.  We look soooo young!  
Shockingly, this is the second year we celebrated together, and the last.  Brittany, me, Heather from our 23rd birthday celebration.  I loved my hair here!  We look soooo different from the one above!

I hope you've loved my little jaunt down memory lane, I'd LOVE to see yours!

How I spent part of my Saturday night....

Sooooo I went to B&N thinking I'd try and find some adorable crochet books with some easy patterns to try.  Well I came out with two crochet magazines (Crochet Today is where that bag pattern came from!) and these books.  I spent quite a bit of time in the biography section, someplace I don't go often but love it a little more each time I go.....

"The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks" is about a lady that had her cells stolen from her, those cells have since been replicated in multiple biomedical science experiments.  But Henrietta?  Well, her family had issues even getting medical insurance.  Injustices hold a special place in my heart & I'm really looking forward to this one!

"In My Hands" is a memoir from a Holocaust *rescuer*.  For some reason I've always felt a special connection to Holocaust stories.  I think that is reincarnation exists then I must have been involved with it someway somehow, the connection feels that close.  My tattoo on my back is from a letter written by a Jewish woman during the Holocaust even.

"The Blue Tattoo" is about a teenager that was kidnapped by Indians during a trip out west and how she dealt with that experience and the things that happened when she as returned to white society against her will.

"History of a Suicide" is one I'm really looking forward to, and sharing it with my sister as it shows what happens after one sister commits suicide for unknown reasons.  The back says it really looks at relationships between sisters, and as my relationship with my sister is very tulmultuous, this intrigues me.

"Madame Tussaud" is about the famous wax sculpturist (sp?)....did you know she got her start making death masks?  Neither did I!  Haha.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Crazy Feisty Kitty, Elroy

My Elroy.  My crazy, feisty Elroy.  I love him even when I hate him.  He will be 2 on May 1st and I just can't believe he's been in my life for that long already, it feels like yesterday he was this tiny little kitten with a two-toned nose that stole my heart.

Elroy came into my life in a very, well, deliberate way on my part.  I had moved to my new apartment (the one I still live in....) and I knew that I wanted a pet in this one since I had lived for a year in my previous apartment without one.  I was quite lonely without one....I grew up in a house where we had at least two animals at all times.  So I knew I wanted a pet, and while the decision was hard, I decided early on that Cody would not be moving to Dayton.  He is just too happy at the farm and with the other animals for me to take him away from that.  I figured a cat would be aloof enough to be ok when I was gone all day at work while being cuddly enough to curl up with at night, so I decided to pick a kitten from one of the spring's litters (side note....we have a couple of pregos now on the farm and I can't wait for the kitten as I'm probably getting another one this spring!).

Elroy has a very specifically chosen lineage on my part.....His mommy was Ellie, her mommy was Lilly, and her mommy was Lo.  At the farm I had two cats in the barn that would come to me as soon as they heard my voice, Taddy Cat and Ellie.  Taddy was Lilly's sister and they looked a lot alike, but Taddy got sick and passed away right about the time that Ellie was born.  Ellie hated everyone but me, she wouldn't let anyone touch her or pick her up but me.  She had one litter when she was about three, and only two kittens in that litter, both survived.  Elroy and Bleach Spot (hey, she seriously looks like someone poured bleach on her gray coat!) were those kittens.  I'm going to be honest, this isn't nice, but I picked Elroy not for any other reason than he looked adorable.  This sounds so bad, but you know how people with Down's can have very specific facial characteristics?  Well, Elroy's face reminded me of those for some reason.  He was toooo adorable!  His nose is two different colors which isn't normal for a cat, he has his mommy's green eyes now too.  I love him.

While I adore my kitty, I fully admit to a very unnaturally close relationship with him and he can be very annoying.  He eats the most RANDOM things --- cough drops, Doritos, heads off of my angels, a magnet, and soooo much more that I can't remember right now.  He chews on my metal bed in the mornings to wake me up usually.  I have gone through a ton of phone chargers because he chews the cords.  I quite literally have teeth markers in the corner of my laptop because he chews on it too.  Oh!  And the tv in my bedroom has teeth marks too.  Pretty much anything he can get his mouth on, he chews.  He hates thunder and lightening; one summer storm when I first got him, he was sitting at my front door and all of a sudden a strike of lightening hit right outside with thunder *right* after and, well, I've never seen him run so fast!  I do have a very unnatural relationship with him though, one of my besties said it best when at Christmas I took him to see Santa and posted the photo on Facebook, she said "You're crazy about that cat!"  I am.  He loves me when I'm at my worst.  He's been the constant in all of this turmoil in my life.  He's my baby. 

And without further adooooo, here's my baby!


I'm getting there!  And I'm off to a good start!  As much as I like this color grey, I HATE this yarn!  Red Heart is stiff and scratchy.... non bien.

{Pet post later -- my last one to write!}

Monday, April 25, 2011

Book Swap Updates!

Hey y'all I've updated the Book Swap post a couple of times!  Sign ups are still open until May 1st!

Just click on the button on the top of the right-hand column!


I hope I never see what I saw today again.  Ever. 

Seriously, it was the most dramatic trip home from WalMart ever.  Now, this trip is literally like 10 maybe 15 minutes so it shouldn't be a bad drive.....NOT TODAY!  I was driving down the road and saw a truck blocking the two lanes going my way, I assumed it was someone moving into the apartments that are right there....well, it wasn't!  As I got closer I saw a red SUV and a person.  A person laying in a very unnatural position.  Partially under the SUV.  It was so disturbing and I couldn't look away.  I saw the first police officer get there and run to the person, I saw blood, I saw a scene that I will probably have nightmares about for a while.

It doesn't end there.  I was expecting to see the ambulances and such going by as Kettering has a bazillion stations so I was traveling slow down the road once I got around the accident.  As I was waiting at the light that I turn at I saw the fire trucks start coming towards me.  I also saw the cars going perpendicular to us not stopping.  It was very close to another accident happening, I was already in tears from the first accident, it just wasn't good.  As the baby sister to a fire fighter/emt, I couldn't help but picture my brother in one of those trucks getting into an accident; side note - I cried the wholeeee way thru Ladder 49, whole way!

So ---- in light of my dramatic drive home, I am asking that everyone who happens upon this, please say a prayer or keep in your thoughts, the person that was hit and all our civil service workers that put their lives on the line everyday to help and serve and protect us each and every day.

Upcoming Projects!

I'm super pumped to try and tackle some other projects!  While I loveeee my afghan (both of them) I also like to try other stuff along the way of those new things being this red bag from one of the crochet magazines I picked up from B&N this past weekend....what do you think?  Should I do it in red or some other color? 

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Today will be a good day!  It started normal....this includes El chewing on my wrought iron head board & let me tell you that cat teeth against metal is *NOT* a way to start anyone's day, but that's how mine start most days.

BUT - I just found out that I won the 4 year anniversary contest over at Painted Sheep and I couldn't be happier!  I've gotten a new found love of yarns, any and all kinds, any and all colors but I tend to drift towards pinks and reds like everything else in my life (on my Ravelry I have "pucci print" listed as my favorite colors if that tells you anything.....ha!).  Their Autumn colorway is probably one of my favorites and I'm BEYOND EXCITED that I get free money with them!  I just can't wait to get some yarn from them and start working with it.  Yesterday I also found a love for wooden knitting needles over at the yarn shop in Centerville.  I've never worked with wood before, they always seemed so fragile compared to the metal ones that I've inherited from my grandma's collection from the 70's.  And, side note, I found online tutorials on how to make them, I totally sent the link to my dad since he builds all kinds of stuff for us!  I'd die for some needles or hooks make from wood from their farm, or my grandparent's farm.  Also, yesterday, I got my order from Sunflower Yarns.  I ordered this and a surprise grab bag.  The grab bag had all kinds of goodies, a gorg blue yarn, some stitch markers, a pattern, and a cute little bag that has found a home in my project bag.  I'm thinking that maybe Miss Camille could make me some personalized stitch markers since they seem to be made using jewelry a collaboration needs to happen here Camille!  Haha

I'm totally nerding out to all this yarn in my life right now, maybe a post showing my spoils will be needed soon.  I already stitched up a swatch with one of the more unique yarns that I bought yesterday and it is amazing to hook with. 

ANYWHOOOO  Back to today!  I'm currently waiting on my sister so that we can get our Old Navy on!  I got an email that they're having sales in store only and we're heading to possibly at least two different stores.  I know, I know.  But, please keep in mind that as I sit here I'm wearing jeans, underwear, and a tee all from Old Navy.  I'm a walking billboard for them.  Not kidding.  Oh!  And I'm hopefully running over to Lowe's to get my free tree!  I'm a HUGE advocate for planting trees, and planting at least two for every one you have to cut down.  They are just generally awesome for our one and only Earth and should be everywhere in my opinion!  Dad said that if I got one I could plant it where I wanted on the farm, so that would be nice.  I'm super excited to get my hands on my blanket some more, I finished another 4 rows after I did my post last night.  Plus, I think I'm going out with some friends tonight and that's always a good excuse for a cute dress and heels!  And, I'm having a phenomenal hair day, sorry, that's my one vain comment!

I hope everyone has a fantabulous day, enjoy just being you today, you're awesome, you're lovely, and you rock!

(oh!  And if you visit either shop and buy something, share!  I wanna see what you got!)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Rickrack Charmer Non-Baby Baby Blanket {update a}

My first blanket....and update in pictures.  Let me know what you think, but keep in mind there are two more colors getting added to the mix - a blue and another variegated.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I need happy today....

So, here are some of my favorite things....
1 -  I'm obsessed!  It is a definite must if you're a crocheter/knitter or thinking of becoming one.  There is so many tips/tricks and inspiration on there.  It is like a knitting/crochet Facebook....If you sign up, find me, my name is prajaline

2 - Sex & The City on E!  Thank you for being there.  I know I can recite lines from most of the episodes, but I love them more each time I see them.

3 - My momma's chocolate cake.  She made it in rounds for me even!  She rocks!

4 - My momma's tuna salad.  She taught me the recipe finally!  I know that I will still not be able to make it taste right or like her's, but I'm gonna try!

5 - Planning my next crafting project....More bookmarks like I send to Camille {}?  Another afghan?  A granny square pillow for my couch?  So many options!  My mind is whirling when I go to bed usually....

hmmmm, I think that's plenty for now, hopefully this will dissolve some of the sad funk from yesterday...?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Today was....rough.

I feel bad for the people that follow me on Twitter some days.  Today was one of those days.  Today was rough, and they heard all about how sad I was....

My grandmother passed away on St. Patrick's Day this year.  Just a few days after her 76th birthday.  While I was not super close to that side of my family, it still struck a very deep, sad chord with me.  This was the woman that I would spend a week or so with during the summer while in elementary school.  She took me horseback riding for the first time; she swore she wouldn't ride with us, but she did!  Her house is where we would sleep on Christmas Eve and open presents on Christmas Day; I still have the teddy bear that my great grandma made before she passed away and my grandma gave me the following Christmas.  This was the woman that would always have chocolate milk in the fridge for us.  She would always have sweet corn and watermelon when it was in season; I remember my grandpa would cut the watermelon in half, one side he would eat by himself the other side split evenly between myself, my sister, and my grandma.  While I didn't live as close to her as my cousins did (they lived about 5 minutes away, we lived over an hour away), we had a special relationship.  It was different than what she had with the other grand kids.  It was ours.  There are things I told her that I never told anyone else, things I did with her that if I ever do again, I will always think of her. 

Well, today was the first day we spent going through her home.  It was just stuff and a place, but everywhere I looked I had a memory, everything I touched had a memory.  One of her friends had asked for a specific quilt that my grandma had, and when she picked it up today after it was found she said that it was just something between them that meant something and words couldn't describe it.  On the drive home, I looked at mom when we were talking about what we wanted from the house and I said, "What was quintessentially my grandma, what I think of when I think of her, she gave me, with the exception of a couple of things."  My grandma's table sat next to a china hutch that was full of stuff for as long as I could remember.  In there were little figurines of the California Raisins (remember those?!?!  haha), I can remember sitting on my grandpa or grandma's lap and playing with them on the table while the adults talked after dinner.  I can remember bending their little arms and stuff.  Well, when my grandma asked what I wanted for Christmas a couple of years ago, I said I wanted those if she didn't want them any more.  I didn't get them for Christmas, she gave them to me for my birthday a few months later.  She carefully wrapped the little plastic toys, taped like it was glass, boxed like it was Fenton or something.  I cried when I opened them, and I'm crying now as I think about them.  They're still wrapped up, in the same box she wrote on, in my closet.  I will probably not bring them out until my grand kids need to play with them at the table someday, but right now, I wouldn't give them up for the world.  Isn't it funny how it is the most random things that you attach memories to?  How you can attach a person to something that seems so insignificant without the memories, the feelings, the love?

The one thing I walked away with today was my grandma's lobster bells.  My grandma's sister lived in Maine for a while and all of us girls in the family are ocean people.  We all love it, my grandma was no different.  She adored those bells.  I remember sitting on her front porch during summer storms and her saying how much she loved the sounds of it in the wind.  My mom bought one and my grandma bought the other when they visited Maine.  My mom also has her own on our porch at the farm.  Those bells will hang in my apartment somewhere since I don't have a porch, but when I do have a porch, I will hang them and listen to them all the time. 

There are still a few things that are willed to me that I don't have, and I'm ok with that.  But, when I do have those things, they will be just as special as my pieces of plastic and metal.  I won't have many things from my grandma, but the things I do have are my grandma.  They are the things that I already think of when I think of her. 

Well, I think I've vented enough...I've cried enough today (honestly, I've cried more today than I did on the day of the funeral)...I've laughed today from the memories...I've gotten quiet and pensive.  I will probably have some more of the same tomorrow.  Thank you for reading this if you did, comments and emails {prajaline at gmail dot com} are always welcome!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Happy Bryant

(soooo I'm at the farm, everyone is asleep and I'm wide awake so here is my pet post of the week - a day early!)

Bryant is my big boy, my big can't-mommy-still-carry-me? boy.  I love him and I love that he is giant but still is very roly poly and loving like his is 10 pounds.

Back when I was driving from my parents all the way to Dayton to work, I had a hour and a half drive.  One way.  This led to a lot of thinking time and learning how to really look around and drive at the same time.  Well, I noticed one day that there was a big sign saying "free puppys" (yeah, I know, spelled wrong, I live in the deeeeep country!) not too far from the farm.  Well, this sign was up for a couple of weeks and during those weeks my mom's dog Scruffy passed away.  She was devastated.  Absolutely broken.  My thought?  Go pick out a new puppy!  Puppies make everything a little easier to handle, right?!?! 

The week that I picked out Bryant I was initially really bummed out because the sign disappeared during the week.  I thought I had missed my chance while I was trying to talk my parents into a new puppy.  Well, lo and behold, the sign showed up on Saturday when I was on my way home.  And, apparently I had broken down my mom enough because she finally said: Well, just take your dad and go!  WOOHOO!  I had gotten (kind of....) permission for a puppy!  And I got to go with dad?  Hell, I was coming out of that place with more than one if I had anything to say about it! 

My dad shoulda known!  He shoulda known I tell ya!  We get to this really back country road farm and I feel like I start to hear banjos; you know, like in Deliverance?  It was creeeepy!  At the end of this really long driveway was a square made of chain link walls.  And inside?  Inside was a personal heaven---PUPPIES!  Lot of them!  All kinds, shapes, sizes.  I was in love with all of them and I wanted them all to come home with us!  This guy finally came out of the old barn.  Gangly.  Missing teeth.  Dirty jeans.  Half a cigar dangling from his tobacco stained lips.  Not my cup of tea, but hey, I just wanted his dogs!  He let me into the makeshift kennel and I was instantly surrounded by puppies.  He said that over the course of a week or two he had three pregnant bitches thrown into the road in front of his house and all the puppies were the result.  While he was ok keeping the girls, he wanted to be rid of all of the puppies.  He stated that he had given some away via stops from the sign, but that as of Monday he was taking the rest to a (killing) shelter.  I was heartbroken when my dad put his foot down on bringing them all home (granted my dad has said no to me maybe like a handful of times in my life so I wasn't used to it haha).  We pretty quickly picked out a dog for my mom; a very sweet natured mutt.  I wasn't leaving with just one though....

I had been keeping my eye on this fluffy ball of breathing fur that stayed in the corner and didn't really come near me when all the others did.  I'm a sucker for a project, especially one that involves winning over an animal that will grow to love and not hate people.  It took a few minutes but I got closer and finally picked him up.  He instantly nuzzled his nose into my neck and that was it.  This bugger was coming home too!  Dad finally said we had to go, and I just hopped into the truck with both dogs.  He raised and eye brow and didn't say another word to me. 

Bryant is going to be five, maybe six, I've lost count and I'm getting sleepy enough to not worry too much.  He is my loving boy.  I used to carry him around until he got too big and heavy, well he still thinks I can carry him when he is now over 100 pounds and can look me in the eye when he stands on his hind legs.  But he is soooo lovingly, and playful.  He gives lots of kisses.  He rolls in the grass with you.  He is just a generally excited puppy minded dog.  And without further are the few non-blurry pictures of my baby.  Oh, and he is estimated via my vet to be half Australian Shepherd and half Newfoundland.  And yes, he has black spots on his tongue - you can't see it, but on the one side is a crescent shaped black spot.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

My very FIRST button! Well, actually my second...

I made a button for my little corner of the internet (plus I figured out how to add my favorites to the right column too, check 'em out and give some love!!!)!  Go me!  I made one earlier for the Book Swap (see!  It is right over there --> ) and now here is the code for my blog in general, let me know if you have any issues with it!

If you put it on your page, comment me so I can grab yours now that I know how/where to put all that html gibberish! :)

<a href=""><img src="" /></a>

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Book Swap!

I wanna do a book swap, if you're interested please let me know via a comment here or email [ prajaline at gmail . com ]
I'm not kidding when I say that I have *boxes* of books, older ones, new ones, funny ones, serious ones, long ones, short ones so I'm down for any kind of book!  I think it would be fun!

Update - 04/16
I've made a button for the book swap if you would like add it to your page, send me an email and I will send you the html code since I don't know how to add it underneath haha
Oh!  And I'm thinking that we will see where we are as far as sign ups around May 1st (hopefully this will give us a good amount of time to get some sign ups!).  Remember, if you want to sign up or have any questions, please email me at the above address!

Update - 04/18
I just wanted to add a quick note letting everyone who stops by know that you don't have to be on Blogger to join the swap!  Just shoot me a quick email and I will add you to the list!  Oh, and we are up to 4 people total in the swap!  Go us!!!

Update - 04/25
Special THANKS to Haley for adding the button as well as Camille....Hoping to get at least a few more guys and gals but I'm excited for even just the four of us involved now.  I am thinking of doing this round robin style (a sends to b, b sends to c, etc) and as for the type of book?  Anything goes!  I'm all for reading books that I normally wouldn't pick up from the shelf.  Let me know if you have any questions!  I will be emailing all involved on May 1st with instructions from there :)

Update - 05/15
Hey everyone!  I've gotten a couple of emails asking if it is too late to be involved.  For this round, yes, most, if not all, packages have been sent.  BUT - I'm in the process of re-designing this project and will post soon about a ROUND TWO!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My cuddle buddy

<3 my elroy.

The passing of time....

It hit me today that my little booger butt is going to be EIGHT months old this month.  EIGHT MONTHS!  I mentioned that to my momma today with these words: Holy cow, B is going to be 8 months, it is like things take forever and then time comes out of nowhere and just smacks you in the face!

Her response?  "Yep, today you're 25 and before you know you'll be 30, then 40, then 50."

I, politely, reminded her that no matter how old I get, she will always be 30 years older than me :)

Then on my way home (it is an hour and a half drive, so I get a lot of time to think!) I started thinking about how different my life is, how different my friendships are, how different my goals and dreams are from when I was in elementary school, middle school, high school, and even my "early" twenties!  So, I thought it would be fun to go down memory lane a bit and really break it down so it is here for me to look back on.....

Elementary School: My best friend was Candi (she goes by Candice now, and I still call her Candi haha) and she lived on a hog farm -- delightful, right?  That little (is was over 100 acres, still small from where I came from) farm was my own little fairy tale land, it was sooooo incredibly different from our house in town.  Friendships boiled down to who you could chat with at recess and who would dangle on the monkey bars with you; gosh I miss those days!  All I wanted to be in life was a mommy and a school teacher, pretty simple request, right?  And, my dreams?  Well they usually revolved around how many hours I spent at the pool in the summer or how many hours I could spend building a snow fort with my brother in the snow. 

Middle School: My sixth grade year, we merged with three other schools so there were a ton of new people to get to know!  (random side note, of all the people in my class in sixth grade, something like 95% of us graduated together -- in our class of 60-some)  Anywhooo, my best friends included: Heather (who is still one of my best friends!), Sarah, Candi, Ashley....honestly I still talk to all of these girls, but Heather and I are still super close.  Our friendships revolved around the excessive adoration of the newly found BOY and and the mutual hatred of the other new find in our lives, homework!  A little more drama than elementary school, but hey, I'd still take it over bills and such of these days!  My goals back then?  Hm, school teacher still ranked up there, but my eyes were opening to the fact that the world was much bigger than the little village that my dad was mayor of, it was more than just growing up, getting married, and having babies that would start the cycle all over again.  My dreams revolved around boys, and boys, and boys...and how to get out of doing my homework.

High School: Oh, wow!  My high school was full of drama!  I should say that one of my best friends was the boyfriend I maintained all four years, but honestly, other than the girls, my best friend was my boyfriend's best friend.  The one that I emotionally cheated on him with....for most of the four years we were together.  Go ahead, hate on me, but I was young and didn't know how to handle a relationship that wasn't working.  Our friendship came from so many things, but most likely, the roots of it came from the fact that we had much deeper feelings but had *no* idea how to handle those feelings.  Goals?  Oh gosh, this is really when my goals became very varied!  One day I wanted to be a school teacher, then a librarian, then an interior designer, a chef, a bakery owner...the list went on and on and on.  Dreams were filled with boys, parties, and still trying to figure out how to get of all that homework!!

Early 20's: My best friends from high school and I are still friends, we have the friendship that always grounds us; we can go a while without speaking and then all at once, within seconds, we become the giggling group of girls that bond over everything under the sun.  That group of girls expanded though, and the girls that I worked with slid in.  Our friendships were built from late night gab sessions in our first apartments, drinking wayyyy more than we ever should have, and bonding over bills/work/etc.  We were becoming adults together, finding our place in the world and deciding that our places included growing up next to each other so that we can share all of our life experiences.  My goals have changed with the tides these last few years.  When I was working, I threw my everything into it and made that job my goal, I shaped my life, and to an extent my future, around that place.  All the goals that have recently came back (becoming a baker, a librarian, something that is a true passion) took a very far back seat in my mind.  I wonder where those will take me someday....As for my dreams?  Well, my dreams these days revolve about settling down some day (hopefully soon...) and actually being passionate with what I spend my days doing.

Well this was fun!  I think everyone should do this!!!  I love looking back through my journals and seeing what took precedence in my life at any given time....There's a journal I saw once that was really neat, it was like a five year question journal that asked you a question every day and had spots to answer it on the same day for the following four years.  If anyone knows where I can find it, def let me know!  And, if you happen upon this and post something similar on your blog, comment me with the link!  I'd love to see some responses!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Sweet Sweet Maximus

My Maximus.  My sweet sweet little boy.  He came in to our lives in a roundabout sort of way via a pregnant stray, but more on that story in a minute.....Max is the sweetest, loving-est puppy of our bunch probably and has been for the last eight-ish years.

Maximus also goes by many names (all of our pets do...): Max, Maxi, Maxeeeeeeeemus

My Max definitely has his momma's sweet temperament.  She showed up to the barn we used to board our horses out.  Annnnnd, she was prego.  If you know outside animals, you should also be aware of the fact that usually animals born in litters during the fall/winter months (especially in freezing Ohio) usually don't survive well.  Little Missy (we can be soooo unoriginal with the names some times!) was a better momma than we could ever have imagined though.  The litter was born on Christmas Eve so all the puppies originally had reindeer names, and I honestly don't remember what Max's was.  I gave him the name Maximus because, quite frankly, he was the fattest of the bunch and "Maximum" just didn't quite sound right.  There were six puppies total, and dad said we couldn't keep any of them because we were keeping Missers at the barn.  Well, (and I'm using all their current names....) Buddy went to my (now) sister-in-law, Pooper went to my (at the time) sister's boyfriend's family, Bear went to friend of my brother, two (sorry, I don't know their names now....) went to the owner of the car lot that my family used excessively, and Maximus went to a family friend. 

I think I cried for a day or two or eight.  I just had an odd attachment to this sweet little guy (see above photo!) and I wanted to keep him.  If we give animals away, we give them with one condition of: if it doesn't work out, give them back, DO NOT take them to the pound.  Thankfully, one day when I came home from school, Max was tied in the driveway.  I was ELATED!  My sweet guy had been brought back, and now daddy just couldn't tell me no haha!  And that is where Maxi has stayed for the rest of his time with us, in the driveway.  That's his spot, I think he likes saying hi to everyone that comes over.

Max hasn't given me near as many heart attacks as Cody has.  He's very even tempered, though I wouldn't put it past him to get pretty mean if someone were being mean to one of the family.  He loves it when I take him for rides, and I'm the only one that does for some reason; he is very much a back seat dog, that is until the car stops and then it is right into the front seat to see out the windshield.  This was ok when I drove a tiny little car, much harder now that I drive my Jeep.  He loves to run really fast away from you, pounce down on his front legs and then jump and run really fast back to you.  He nearly knocks me over sometimes but I'd go down laughing because he is just too funny when he does it.  Oh, and hate me all you want for this, but he gets french fries every year on his birthday.  Every.Year. 

And, well, I only have a few pictures of him, but they are adorable as all my furry babies are....