Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bookworm Wednesday! (v.9)

Did you miss this last week? Oooooops! It totally slipped my mind in all the mess that my July turned into for a while there....but I'm back!  Woohoo! 

I've said it before, and I will say it again, once I find an author that I really truly love and adore, I will voraciously read everything they have out and will buy just about anything new they put out.  Joyce Carol Oates is absolutely no exception to that.  These are the only two of hers that I have in the apartment right now, everything else is at the farm, but I know I have at least three more by her there...
Missing Mom is about a girl....that should be a woman....but can't be.  She just lost her mother, a mother that she never really connected with in that somewhat vital mother-daughter relationship.  When you don't really have that relationship, how do you process the emotions of losing that person in your life?  I would crumble if I lost my mother, as much as we are nit-picky with each other, she is part of my backbone in life....BUT - this book makes you rethink that relationship, and makes you wonder just how would you deal with that loss?

My Sister, My Love is another one that grabbed me because of the author, but also because of the title.  It is no surprise here that I have a very tumultuous relationship with my sister; we've been the best of friends, and the worst of enemies, but we are always sisters.  Again, Joyce puts you smack in the middle of a situation that makes you wonder what you would do if you were there, how would you handle it?  So, what would you do if you sister was murdered at a young age and your family became fodder for the tabloids?  Unfortunately, our society likes the fallen, the unfortunate, the weak, we almost crave it until it consumes us (i.e. Casey/Caylee Anthony anyone?)....but have you ever wondered what it was like for the family that is imploding under all that gaze and scrutiny?  This book takes you there. 

I can not praise Joyce Carol Oates more.  I love how she writes, I love how she handles situations like she has lived them and wants to make you live them with her.  I love that she can write from multiple viewpoints in each book and how she can make you relate to each and every person in that book.  She almost writes from the standpoint that we are everyone, and everyone is us if that makes sense....I just adore her.

Oh!  And since I missed last week, how about a picture of El?  He does this funny flip thing where he will walk up beside you, put his head down and flip his whole body over so that he's half way laying on his back, but also so that his back feet are in his face....this is one of the better pictures I've gotten of it :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

My mind is so full with them all..... clutch pattern ideas, that is.  I've been going through this world these last few days with a mind full of sewing ideas.  Mostly they are clutch purses, and tote bags, and embroidery ideas....but they're there and I had to get them out so I spent a lot of this weekend writing them down with little notes and all that jazz.  Well, yesterday I finally talked myself into trying out one of the designs!  Here's my little journey that took all of about an hours to make:

First you need to pick out fabric that you *LOVE*!  I would suggest cotton to start out with just until you get used to working with fabrics and your sewing machine if you're a newbie.  Since this was just a prototype I used part of an old sheet that I scored at a yard sale for next to nothing.
For an envelope clutch, the easiest shape to cut is a house shape.  Cut two of these, pin together so sides all line up, and then stitch around the TOP 4 sides with the right sides of the fabric facing each other.....leave the bottom open, and don't forget to back stitch so that your bottom isn't going to come undone.  Also, once stitched, kind of whack off the sharp corners so that once it is turned right sides out those corners don't bulge in an odd way.  I found that it helped a wholeeeee lot to iron all the seams once the right sides are out as well.  Then, take the bottom, fold the edges into each other and stitch along that edge to close up the shape.  Fold the bottom up to the base of the triangle shape, then stitch - I stitched with the seam so that you can see it, I like the effect it gave.
You should end up with something looking like this.  Just add your closure and it is done!  I'm not a fan of zippers in this type of clutch so I will add a button of some kind probably, or I may go and find a snap closure for a little extra durability.  I'm kinda in love.
See?  It is super easy!  All you need to know is how to seam correctly and sew in a straight line on the machine!  It was a little tough to sew up the side seams with all that fabric in there, so I will probably cut down on that seam next time so that I can do the side seam a little closer to the side, but I love the effect this way too!  I'm thinking it needs a contrasting color for it to really stand out.  Hm.....ideas for next time!  I was thinking of making a few for Etsy since they were super easy to make....Speaking of Etsy, I've been slowly creating a stock pile of stuff to post, so I need to do that soon.  Probably around the first week of August!

Oh!!  And the most important part of this project!

You *HAVE* to have a helper!!! :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My favorite spots....

So, my ldb, Camille, has been taking you around her home if you follow her blog and it inspired me to show you a few of my favorite spots and things around my place....
My extremely messy crafting corner.  What you can't see in this picture?  My huge craft tote.  Two other baskets of yarn.  The majority of my Scarlett Key supplies.

My ivy.  I have had this ivy since my 18th birthday.  It has moved with me something like five times.  It is also the only plant I can keep in the apartment without El totally trashing it....but he tries, see that chewed on leaf over on the right?

I have the tiniest kitchen ever.  Not my microwave also is a storage spot for some of my favorite things.  My do-fer, the wood piece in front, it is something my dad designed and made for the hot stove shelves - couldn't bake without it!  My Grey Goose bottle, this one if from New Year's but the bottle is too pretty to throw away, and it is in french!  My monkey salt & pepper shakers, they're the FIRST thing I bought when I decided to move out on my own, wouldn't give them up for the world.  My antique rolling pins, I collect them and these are my favorite two.

This mini (decorative) dress form is from Hobby Lobby, and was white, but my momma painted it for me since I hate white metal stuff.  It sits in my bathroom and holds earrings from Camille and my various hair stuff.  

My big dream catcher that hangs above my bed.  It is hooked on a sign that says DREAM on it, I thought it was fitting.  Those signs are awesome but I forgot to take a picture of them.  I have Dream, Love, and Wish all hanging in my bedroom.

The antique dresser that my dad redid for me.  Bought at an auction for like $20!  I LOVE it!  It is my catch all in the bedroom usually, as you can see (maybe I should have cleaned before I took these pictures!)  My jewelry box there holds all my "fun" jewelry....stuff I've had since high school that doesn't have real value to anyone but me, and the flowers that I've pressed and saved...things like that.  

I'm in the process of re-arranging my pictures that are hanging up...these prints are from a calendar that I had of pictures of Paris from the 1920's and 30' framed them all for me so I tend to rotate what is up and what is down.  This elephant is probably one of my favorite auction purchases ever.  I have no idea what it is made of but it seems to be a rendition of the Indian Goddess Ganesh.  And that chair?  It is covered up with a blanket because El lays there a lot, but it is the chair that my great-grandma had her house since the 50's.  I love it!  

My lovely little stand by the metal prince frog, one of my MANY Eiffel Tower statues, my favorite saying, and the light that is unplugged because El knows how to turn it on and off.

My first "big girl" painting.  LOVE it!

This stand is by my door, and I smile every time I see it!  The ducky is one that I bought for B but didn't give it up because it was so cute.  A smelly-good candle - I don't burn them just leave them out for the smell.  My tiny lamp that I love.  My angel and kitty.  And ---- my metal HAND!  haha, I know it is for rings and stuff, but it is some odd and cute at the same time that I didn't want to hide it away in my bedroom or anything, and it holds my sunglasses perfectly so that El can't get to them. :)

Hope you enjoyed my little apartment favorites tour!  :)

Um, hi! I'm still alive!! :)

I had a caaaaa-razy busy week last week and am just now catching up on everything.  I feel soooo very behind on my online life!  I've already spent almost two hours in Panera catching up.  Yes, I do leave the apartment for internet makes me feel like I do have a job. :)

So, what have I been up to?  Well, I left town last Monday for the farm and didn't get back until late this's my week in pictures:
It was BLAZIN' hot out so I spent a lot of time with this guy.  <3

This GORGEOUS swap package was waiting for me.  Diane def spoiled me!

I had to wake up early a lot of the mornings!  Once for the ferrier for the horses, once for my hearing, and once to go babysit the best little guy in the world!  Regardless, farm mornings are the best.
I had a mani/pedi date with my sister.  We also shopped a bit, picked out her gift for her new husband, and two days before the wedding we finally found her GOOD shoes!
Jamie had a soccer tournament and Trevor was pulling 24 hour shifts at the station, so we go B for the weekend!  Mom & dad were in HEAVEN!  Haha, can you read B's onesie?  It says, what happens at grandma's, stays at grandma's.  This was after playing outside with the dogs and kittens.  Love.
So, Amanda decided, kinda at the last minute, what/how she wanted to do her flowers for the wedding.  Thankfully, we just needed to worry about a bouquet for her and flowers for the top of the cake...and in swoops the crafty one (me) to the rescue.  We were literally in Kroger & Wal-Mart three hours before the wedding getting supplies.  Yep.  it was a slighty stressful morning...but the additional shoe shopping helped I think.  
My "artsy-fartsy" shot of the bouquet I made for her.  Hydrangeas for the big center piece, white roses framing around the edge, and baby's breath throughout.  I'm actually insanely proud of it.  We did the same style thing for the top of the cake...
El was so unbelievably happy to be home again on Monday.  haha
Oh!  And I found a new soundtrack to my world!  I grew up on this music so it holds a special place in my heart.  I can remember singing He's a Rebel with my momma when I was little!  I always stop and look at these compilation cd's at the stores, and the one song that I want to find on one someday is Jimmy Mack, so if you see it....BUY IT!  haha
And I did some fabric shopping!  These are three of the seven (?) prints that I ended up mind is swirling with the possibilities!!

 I think you're all caught up now!  In between all these adventures I've been crocheting and crafting....Haley's hat is about half way done, should finish up between tonight/ Critron Shawl is coming along, should be done for the fair....and my child's clothing submission for the fair will be started this weekend.  Overall, I'm insanely pleased with life right now.  What's making you happy today?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bookworm Wednesday! (v.8)

Hey, look at me putting this up before noon!  GO me! :)

Do you remember me saying that one of my tattoos came from a book about WWII?  Well, The Nazi Officer's Wife is that book!  Edith Hahn was a real girl, about my age, during the war.  She was in a work camp during the beginning of the way, but got released and immediately went into hiding.  Her friends found a Nazi officer to marry her, a Jewish girl.  The shocking part?  He knew she was Jewish.  How would you live knowing you were married to a person that was supposed to hate you with a passion just based on how you were raised and what you believed?  How would you live knowing that if you were found out then you would most likely be shot on the spot?  How would you feel if you knew that if you slipped up the tiniest bit in front of your husband's friends you and he could be killed?  This story struck a chord with me like most Holocaust much so that one tiny thing she wrote at the end of a letter (la vie est belle, est elle commence demain), will forever be on my skin. 

Fly me to the Moon is a complete 180 from The Nazi Officer's is funny, witty, sarcastic....kinda like me!  What would you do if you were a flight attendant certain you were about to be proposed to but find out otherwise?  You fly yourself to all kinds of fun places trying to run from the situation.  At least that is what I would do, and what Hailey did.  Definitely a fun, beachy kind of read.  I think I managed to read it in two days or so because it was that fun.

The Washingtonienne is just as delicious a read as Fly me to the Moon.  What does a New York City transplant to Washington DC do?  She becomes a high dollar prostitute to the politicians that run the city & our country.  Best part?  This was based on true stories!!!  The girl that wrote it, wrote it from the things she heard from her friends....and her blog that kept these secrets before the book got her fired from a senator's office. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dear World: You're disheartening!

I am so very discouraged by this whole job thing!  I mean, I poured my heart into a company that didn't give me the time off to go to school for six years!  Six freaking years!  And, now I'm stuck battling against other people my age that have a degree...a degree that I don't have.  BUT hell, I've worked my tail off for that company with nothing to show for it other than great experience and know-how about banking and financial stuff.  Most of my friends can't even get their check book to balance, but I did stuff like that daily for members.  So, really employers, it is on you now -- do you want someone with a piece of paper and no background actually in the field or would you rather have someone that knows their shit because they lived it day in and day out for well over six years?

/end rant. :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cathartic Release of Emotion (warning: excessive cursing....)

If you follow me, sorry to spam your blogger with a bunch of posts....I want to get some stuff off MySpace before J.Timberlake ruins it....haha

Yeah, so it is 12:39 right now.  This very moment.  And I'm still awake.  WTF is wrong with me lately?  I can tell you: I'm a lonely girl.  I didn't realize how the majority of my social interaction came from work!  I was actually excited to get to the post office today and see like 15 people in line.  I mean, I was super pumped to just stand in a line with PEOPLE that I didn't know, didn't care to know....just that they were there in person, and I could talk to them if I chose, and they would talk back -- and not meow back. 

Also, a lot of my past relationships have been weighing heavily on me.  I'm a firm believer in karma and I wonder sometimes if my current lack of relationship/boy stuff is a result of what I deserve based on how I was in the past?  Do you suppose karma comes back in the same form or in different (though equally irritating) form?  I mean, I was nearly always the "other girl" in any given relationship, and if I wasn't the other girl, then I certainly wasn't in a committed relationship on my part.  That sounds horrible but it is true.  For nearly 10 years, JS was in my life and with the exception of about a month, he had a girlfriend -- one that wasn't me.  And you know what threw him back to a girlfriend at the end of that one month?  The fact that I took off from a party with another guy.  Yep, I managed to subconsciously fuck up that pretty quick.  I'm good at that.   In fact, it is a great talent of mine.  With AH, it was a bit different, I didn't know I was the other girl until a few weeks in....and then I continued to be the other girl.  Then, and this is just how awesome I am, I started messing around with his best friend -- who had a girlfriend....that wasn't me.  You know what though?  I had a blast with those guys!  A freaking blast!  All we had was fun....and when it started to get drama-y or he started to bitch about something, I didn't hesitate to look at him (any of them...) and say, "I'm not your girlfriend, I don't have to listen to this, go talk to her."  Yep.  I'm bitch.  I know it.  I got what I thought were the best parts of those guys....but now that I'm older I wonder if they really were the best parts.  Other great relationships I've been in? 

NM - my first love.  I still get stomach flips and doe eyed when I see anything he posts on facebook.  I get a little jealous when I see any other girls mentioned on his facebook.  I will always love him.  I will never forget the day I saw him for the first time.  I was a freshman, he was a senior.  I was walking down the hallway from the gym towards the front doors of school....and there he was walking in (late, of course) and you couldn't miss him because he was so dang tall and carried himself with so much confidence.  How did I mess this one up?  Oh my.  How *didn't* I mess this one up?!?!  I dated his best friend for four years - all through high school, and the whole time, he was always there, always in the background....the last year I was dating JM I was talking to NM on the side.  JM worked nights, I went to school during the day, NM worked during the day, but NM and JM were roommates so we had to be careful.....JM would drop me off at curfew and go to work, and before he even got out of my driveway I would be on the phone with NM and would literally talk to him all night sometimes.  ALL night.  Then JM would pick me up in the morning after his shift to take me to school and the cycle would start all over the next day.  I was so tired, but so in love I didn't care....I was just in love with someone that wasn't my boyfriend.  Oh, and don't forget that JS was in and out of the picture during all of this too.  Both JS and NM are boys that I will probably never ever get over.  Ever.  They both chose girls other than me when it came right down to it, and for the life of me, even through all of it, I will NEVER figure out why. 

JR - Oh my.  The one that I should have never let in.....that's all we will say about that one.

KM - hahaha, this was all kinds of wrong.  We were both playing each other for different things/reasons.  Definitely a learning lesson though and we had a hell of a lot of fun!

RL - This one is a bit more confusing than I really know how to write here.  He's still in and out of my life.  We have a unique tension between us that I don't quite know how to explain, or even to start talking about.  But, he's just far enough out of my reach that I'm almost comfortable.  Almost.  If I were a different girl, more confident, more outgoing, we would probably have a very different relationship.  One that most likely would involve me letting him in and breaking my heart.

SO - Another one that is still around here and there....and another one that is just far enough away that I'm almost content with what is going on.

And now, really, what does all of this mean?  I don't know.  I'm still going to live trying to figure out if karma is going to kick me in the ass by having my husband (if I ever get married) cheat on me or if this is it....this loneliness, this eagerness to be loved, this craving of desire and passion in my life....could this be karma kicking me in the ass?  Something that I do know with certainty?  That I will *NEVER* regret any of this.  Never.  I don't believe that you should regret anything in life.  Every single thing you do in life makes you the person that you are.  It makes you you.  And you know what, through all my insecurities, I still love me.  I'm exactly the girl that I'm supposed to be at this exact moment for a reason.  Someday I will know that reason.  Tomorrow doesn't look like it is going to be that day, but I'm ok with that. 

Now, I'm going to leave you with the list of songs I found on my playlist on my myspace page....all songs (even though they were picked probably three years ago!) are still so very telling of how I'm feeling right now.  Of the girl that I am right now.  Of the girl that I let the world see....with small peeks at that girl that keep hidden.

Makin' Me Fall in Love Again - Kellie Pickler
One Last Time - Kellie Pickler
Relentless - Jason Aldean
Gives You Hell - All American Rejects
Soulmate - Natasha Bedingfield
He Ain't Worth Missin' - Toby Keith
Down the Road - Kenny Chesney
More Like Her -  Miranda Lambert
Summer Girl - Jessica Andrews

I highly recommend that you look up these songs and listen to the words...they may describe you or your situation...they certainly describe me better than anything else at this point.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Questions from MySpace - December 30, 2008


1 Who kisse​d you on new years​?​
I was asleep, I had worked until 730 that night.....

2 Did you have a New Year'​s Resol​ution​ this year?
I don't remember

3 Did it snow where​ you live?
Not that night

4 Do you like hot choco​late?​
Love it!

5 Have you ever been to Times​ Squar​e to watch​ the ball drop?
Not me, but I know my mom has been.


1 Who was your Valen
Haha, I think it was one of the girls since I didn't have a boy...

2 When you were littl​e did you buy Valen​tine'​s for the whole​ class​?​
We didn't have a choice.

3 Do you care if the groun​ddhog​ sees its shado​w or not?
I never really look to see if he did.

4 What did you recei​ve for valen​tine'​s day?
I don't usually get stuff from anyone.....


1 Are you irish​?​
I know we have some in the history of the family on my dad's side.....

2 Do you like corne​d beef and cabba​ge?​

3 What did you do for St Patri​ck'​s Day?
I actually had the day off, and I stayed around the apartment

4 Are you happy​ when winte​r is prett​y much over?
I get excited for spring....


1 Do you like the rain?
It has its moments.

2 Did you play an April​ fool'​s joke on anyon​e this year?
Haha, I haven't done that since Jacob and I told his dad that I was pregnant.  Haha, Paul was pissed..

3 Do you get tons of candy​ for Easte​r?​

4 Did you celeb​rate 4/​20?​

5 Do you love the month​ of April​?​
Yes, just because it is super close to my birthday!!!


1 What is your favor​ite flowe​r?​
Daffodils and lilies

2 Finis​h the phras​e "​April​ showe​rs…"
Bring May flowers.....

3 Do you celeb​rate May 16th:​ Natio​nal Pierc​ing Day?
Didn't know about it....not sure I want anymore piercings....

4 Is May anyth​ing speci​al to you?
MY BIRTHDAY!!!  And it is Bryan's bday, and Heather's was the 15th.  Jo's is the 31st.  I could go on.....


1 What year did/​will you gradu​ate from high schoo​l?​

2 Did you do anyth​ing fun durin​g this month​?​
I'm sure I did.  I think mostly I packed that month since I moved the first of July

3 Have a favor​ite baseb​all team?


1 What did you do on the 4th of July?
I was unpacking.  But you can see the fireworks from our hill.....

2 Did you go to the firew​orks?​

3 Did you blast​ the A/C all day?
Not at mom and dad's, usually we can just leave the windows open and the ceiling fans on because we get such a good breeze up on the hill.

4 Did you go on vacat​ion?


1 What was your favor​ite summe​r memor​y of '08?
Summer memory?  My last weekend in dyt.  Very drunk.  Tons of fun.

2 Did you have a sunbu​rn?​
I did get one on my back.

3 Did you go to the pool a lot?
Just Trevor and Jamie's but that wasn't a lot, just when I was housesitting.

4 Were you ready​ for schoo​l at all?
Didn't have to go!


1 Are you atten​ding schoo​l?​

2 Do you like fall bette​r than summe​r?​

3 What happe​ned this month​?​
Trevor's birthday....


1 What was your last Hallo​ween costu​me?​
I have no idea.

2 What is your favor​ite candy​?​
Reese Cups.

3 What was your favor​ite thing​(​s)​ about​ this month​?​
It wasn't a good month.  Knee surgery.  Therapy for knee after surgery.  And we all lost a best friend.....


1 Whose​ house​ do you go to for Thank​sgivi​ng?
I boycot Thanksgiving.  But this year, mom, dad, and I went to Golden Corral :)

2 What are you thank​ful for?
Job, family, friends, love.

3 Do you love stuff​ing?
I have loved it for years.

4 Anyth​ing speci​al in this month​?​
Amanda's bday


1 Do you celeb​rate Chris​tmas?​

2 Have you ever been kisse​d under​ the mistl​e toe?

3 Get anyth​ing speci​al last year?
I guess this year was last year.....I got a lot of things I value.

4 What do you want this year?
Next year I already asked for a tall, dark haired, green eyes, Irish boy :)

5 What do you love most about​ Decem​ber?
I don't know.  I love to see Cody try to walk in snow, usually he can't do it really well because his poor little legs are so short.....

Questions from MySpace - April 3, 2009 (second set...)

41 Things You Never Think to Ask

1. Have you ever been searched by the cops?
Never, I don't plan on starting any time soon.

2. Do you close your eyes on roller coasters?
I don't ride them.  I have horrible motion sickness.

3. When's the last time you've been sledding?
Ummmm.....Not since Jacob and I were together probably, and that has been like almost six years.

4. Would you rather sleep with someone else, or alone?
Depends on who the someone else is.

5.Do you believe in ghosts?

6.Do you consider yourself creative?

7. Do you think O.J. killed his wife?
Did you not watch the court case?

8. Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie?
Team Aniston

9. Do you stay friends with your ex's?
I would consider most of them people I would talk to if I ran into them, but do I go out of my way to talk to them?  Not usually.

10.Do you know how to play poker?
I do.  The drunker I get, the better I get.

11. Have you ever been awake for 48 hours straight?
Not in a very long time

12. What's your favorite commercial?
I love the stupid Progressive Insurance ones because they make me think about Heather impersonating that chick. 

13. What are you allergic to?
Haven't found anything yet....

14. If you're driving in the middle of the night, and no one is around do you run red lights?
Hell no.

15. Do you have a secret that no one knows but you?
A few

16. Boston Red Sox or New York Yankees?
What sport is this again?  Haha, Yankees I guess.  They have Jeter....

17. Have you ever been Ice Skating?

18. How often do you remember your dreams?
Most days

19. When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried?
Probably at wait.....Stevie sent me a HIGH-LARIOUS picture of him the other day.....that had to be it.

20. Can you name 5 songs by The Beatles?
Let It Be; Here Comes The Sun; Yesterday; Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da; Love Me Do....Sarah did it for me :)

21. What's the one thing on your mind now?
How my parents aren't home when I tried to surprise them by coming home early

22. Do you believe in love at first sight?
I believe in feeling an instant connection, that with all the right forces turns into love.

23. Do you know who Ghetto-ass barbie is?
Hell no.  I live in uber-suburbia now....

24.Do you always wear your seat belt?

25. What cell service do you use?

26.Do you like Sushi?

27. Have you ever narrowly avoided a fatal accident?
Once or twice

28. What do you wear to bed?
Shorts and a tee shirt usually.

29. Been caught stealing?
I don't steal

31. Do you truly hate anyone?
I think we all do, we just don't admit it.

32. Classic Rock or Rap?
Classic Rock

33. If you could sleep with one famous person, who would it be?
Wow....Just one?  There are a few for different reasons....George Clooney just to say I did it.  Kal Penn because I think he would be hilarious.  Jason Aldean because he is so country and so lovely.  And finally, Ryan Phillippee since I have been totally in love with him since jr high.

34. Are you a virgin
In regards to what?---haha, I'm sticking with Sarah's answer

35. Have you ever sang in front of the mirror?
Oh yeah

36. What food do you find disgusting?
Cottage cheese.  Guacamole.  Sardines.  Green olives.  Prunes.  Tomato.  I could go on....

37. Do you sing in the shower?
Not usually.  I try to get in and out since my water randomly turns hot and cold.  I love my apartment :)

38. Did you ever play, "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours"?
Yes, but not showing what you think....

39. Have you ever made fun of your friends behind their back?
Nothing I haven't said to their face.

40. Have you ever stood up for someone you hardly knew?
I do it all the time when I'm trying to get loans approved at work.

41. Have you ever been punched in the face?
Yes.  Not fun.  And I didn't deserve it.

Questions from MySpace - April 3, 2009

Have you had sex with more than 25 people?

Did you sleep in past noon today?
I have not done this in a loooooong time.  I work too damn much.

What is the last thing you did before you went to bed last night?
I apparently sent Stevie a text, but I honestly don't remember the last few texts we sent back and forth. 

Is this summer gonna be a good one?
Here's hoping

What made you happy today?
Working just two and a half hours. Getting to see my baby.

Do you like your cell phone?
Love it

Do you like to wear sweatpants?
I love my cropped Old Navy ones.  They were wonderful after my knee surgery.

What do the majority of people in your life call you?

What are you listening to right now?
My playlist on here

What did you do this weekend?
I worked and slept.  And got sucked into TWO different ANTM marathons.  I lost brain cells on that.

What color is your keyboard?
This one is white.

Will this weekend be a good one?
I came home, and any time with my babies is good.

Is there someone you would like to fix things with right now?
Yes.  I miss some of my old friends.  

What do you like better: hot chocolate or hot apple cider?
Hot chocolate

Ever stayed up all night on the phone?
Yes.  I haven't done it since sr year, but yeah

Can you make brownies without looking at the instructions?
I am pretty sure no.  I can make nobakes with out the recipe tho...

Is it easy for others to make you feel awkward?
You have no idea.

If you could move somewhere else, would you?
Too many variables in that question.  If I had a job, I could probably pick up and move anywhere.

Are you wearing eyeliner?
I can honestly say I don't wear eyeliner.  The only makeup that I wear on a regular basis is mascara.

Have you ever been to a strip club?
Surprisingly no.  The guys I used to run around with were rather protective of me for some reason.

Do you own an iPod?

How did you get one of your scars?
My favorite one?  Hmmm...the one on my lip I got in the second grade when I fell off the spider and busted my mouth to all kinds of hell.  I had five stitches from a plastic surgeon and I still have a scar.

Do you have any scars on your legs?
Yes, a few.  The most recent ones from my knee surgery. 

Have you ever accidentally put something valuable in a washer?
Oh hell yeah.

How late did you stay up last night?
I honestly have no idea...I don't remember seeing the end of Frasier, so sometime before one I think.

Is money important to you?
Since I work at a bank, it is rather controlling of my life.

How are you feeling lately?
A bit lonely.  A bit sad. 

Have you thought about an ex today?
Yes, I always do when I drive thru Greenfield.  

Where is the person who has your heart at the moment?
If I say then he will realize that he has it, and that's just not a power I'm willing to give him yet.

Would you date someone who lived in another state?
If it is true love, you'll find a way to be together.

When's the last time you said you were fine, but really weren't?
All day, everyday.

Relationships or one night stands?

When was the last time you wanted to punch someone in their face?
Um.  Today.  This member pulled the look that said, you're young, you're a girl, I don't care what you have to say about my finances.  Fuck you asshole.

Is there anyone who doesn't like you?
Oh yeah.  I'm a very hard person to get along with usually.

Do you laugh a lot?
I try to.  I tend to surround myself with people that I enjoy to laugh more.

Do you consider yourself lucky?

Why did you last cry?
I was catching up on my dvr this morning and I was watching the last ER.  :(

Do you think you're pregnant?
Hell no

You have to get a facial piercing, what do you get?
If I have no choice.  My nose.  But, I can't do it....

You have to get a tattoo, where and what do you get?
I already have four.  :)  I have too many ideas for my next one....they tend to be spur of the moment things.

Could you cry right now?
If I think about the right stuff, yeah.

Have you ever been awake for 2 days straight?
Not lately

What are the things you've heard people say about you?
Lately it all has been that noone realized how curly my hair really is and that when I let it go curly, it brings out my eyes.

Are you friends with your exes?
We would talk if we saw each other, but no, we don't go out of the way to talk to each other usually.

If you were an animal, what animal would you be and why?
A fish in the coral reef on the one condition that I wouldn't be eaten by any sharks.  Or maybe a pelican.  Wouldn't that be fun?  haha

Do you want a boyfriend or girlfriend?
I want someone that I can love and that will love me back.  If he turns out to be my boyfiend then more power to me

Are you mad at someone?
I wouldn't say if I was anyway.

Who did you spend your summer with last year?
Heather and Brit.....Lots of great memories that I will treasure forever

Who has the same phone as you?
A few people in sitcoms, I see my phone on tv all the freaking time, I didn't plan that.

How often do you hold back from saying what you are thinking?
All the time

Do you have an older brother?
Yep, he is one of my favorite people ever.  

Are you Irish in any way?
Yeah, on my dad's side. 

Do you believe in karma?
Of course.

Did you have a good birthday this year?
I haven't had it yet....just over a month to go. 

Kiss on the first date?
I don't date..

Have you ever been in a hotel room with a friend of the opposite sex?
Oh yeah.

Are you okay with the life you live?
If I say yes, will you believe me?

Last person you told a secret too?
No idea.

Would you run around a neighborhood at night without a shirt for 500 dollars?
Which neighborhood? And for how long?--haha, keeping Sarah's answer

How many true friends you got?
Quality over quantity...---again, Sarah's answer

Do you like hugs and kisses?
Yeah, kisses more so than hugs.  I think it is romantic when you kiss without touching more that just your lips together

Have you ever drank alcohol?
Uh, yeah.

Do you live in a "ghetto" neighborhood?
I live in suburia

Have you ever caught a friend cheating on their bf/gf?
Well, he was cheating on her with me.... oops.

Do you believe true love can conquer anything?

Do you have a fear of taking tests when you are not prepared?
Yeah, I just have to remember to go with my gut.

Questions from MySpace - May 24, 2009

What's the first thing that pops into your head when you think of last summer?
Last summer?  Moving home and getting ready for my knee surgery.....

Do you have someone of the opposite sex you can tell everything to?
Yeah, Tony oddly enough has become that guy for me.....

Have you ever laughed at something that wasn't meant to be funny?
Oh yeah.  Too often haha.

What hoodie did you wear last? light green Old Navy one.

Are you wearing something that belongs to someone else?
Um, nope....

Is there anybody you wish you could be spending time with right now?
Oh yeah, always.  There is always someone I miss.

Do you fall for people easily?
There's a line in a song..... "Slow to trust, but quick to love".....that's me.

When's the next time you' ll see your closest friend?
My closest?  Even though I don't see her ever, Brit is still the person that knows me the best, and I have no idea when I will see her again, hopefully soon, I need a random super long dinner

Last time you talked to your number one?
That would be Jamie....and I talked to her the other day with texts....

Are you happy?
In aspects of my life, yeah, in others, no.

Are you wearing make up?
Just mascara like always.

How did you wake up this morning?
To Cody licking my face....He's the best, I hate living without him.....

Did you ever waste too much time on a certain boy or girl?
Oh yeah.

Would you kiss an ugly person for $ 1,000?
Kissing is nothing.  Bring it on.

Is there someone you don' t ever want to be out of your life?
Yeah, my bestests!

Want someone or something you can't have?
Isn't that life in general?

Have you ever tried to find the end of a rainbow?
I will never forget the one time I was in the car with my grandparents and my sister and we acutally drove thru the end of a rainbow.  It was odd......

Be honest, who are you texting?
Right now?  Noone....I usually hide from the world here at the farm...

What is something that you realized today?
That I really want a new hair cut, and I'm thinking I finally found it.  So, Jessie, I'm coming to see you!  haha

Do you think anyone has feelings for you?
Goodness no

Do you have any plans for tomorrow?
Going home to my lovely little apartment.

How late did you stay up last night and why?
Like 11:30....I usually sleep so well here since I have Cody that I fall asleep as soon as I lay down.

Who was the first person you talked to today?
Cody counts, doesn't he?

Have you lost contact with someone you wish you didn't?
I think we all have....

What did you look like the last time you kissed someone?
I looked hot.  haha

Have you ever liked someone who treated you like crap?
Oh yeah, hello.....ten years with him.....

Where is your default picture taken?
At Brio's at the Greene on my birthday last year.

Have you ever sung in front of a large audience?
Just in church when I was little

Have you ever kissed someone whose name started with a T?:
Uh.  Yeah.  TJ.  Tommy. 

What time is it?
Almost 2:30 in the afternoon!  And I'm inside 'cause it is stupid hot out right now.

Whose car were you in last?
My mom's, she drove to Chillicothe

What color shirt are you wearing?
A black tank with a small green sweater over it.

How long is your hair?
Just to my shoulders

Last thing you ate?
Two words: White Castle :)

Last thing you drank?

What were you doing at midnight last night?

When is the last time you took a nap?:
Um, Thursday. 

Have you held hands with anyone recently?:
Not recently.....

What movie did you watch last?
I fell asleep watching Practical Magic last night

Where is your number one person on your friends list?:
I'm assuming she is at home.  Hopefully she is working on the pool so I can swim soon!

Are you currently in a relationship?:
Single as a slice of cheese.

Have you ever had your heart broken?:
It looks like a shattered mirror at this point.....

When is the last time someone of the opposite sex gave you a hug?:
Friday when one of my favorite members came in....

Do you believe that there are certain circumstances where cheating is acceptable?

How many fillings do you have?

Do you like mayonnaise?
Not usually.

Do you think you have a handle on spelling?
Haha, that is why there is spell check

Ever won a spelling bee?
Got close once....

Be honest, do you play the "game" when you are dating?

Do you easily give in when you are fighting?
Never.  I'm way too stubborn when I know I am right.

Would you ever fight somebody over your significant other?
Since I don't have a significant other....nope.

Projects I want to get done!!!!

In no particular order.....

~ The last teeny tiny bit of this swap project.  El ATE part of another piece I made for it, so now I'm scrambling to finish up enough projects for the swap so that I meet the 400 yd usage requirement.  All I have to do is blanket stitch up the sides and add two buttons and it is done.  I will have the whole package out early tomorrow hopefully (if I actually wake up....)

~ Miss Haley's hat.  Sorry, Haley, it kinda hit a back burner when the swap tragedy happened.  I have all the stuff, I just need to sit and do it! 

~ Allicen's infinity cowl.   She loved the prototype that I made so I had her pick out a color and told her that I'd make her one.  Thankfully, it is like 90 degrees in Ohio so she hasn't been asking for it!  (oh, and I must mention, that she wants me to make her a Steelers colored, yeah.  That's gonna be a while)

~ I'd *kill* to be able to get some quilting time.  I have two quilts going that need to be finished but life is getting in the way. 

~ Critron Shawl....this will be for both the Sunflower Yarns K/CAL on Rav and a fair submission.  Scary part to this?  IT IS ALL SINGLE CROCHET. 

~ Etsy product!!!  Oh my, I have opened the dang Etsy store, but haven't added anything for sale!  I know I can do up some cup cozies pretty quick to start out with.  Usually I can finish one cozy totally in less than an hour following the pattern that I already have, but I want to edit that pattern a little bit.

~ Embroidery!  I have this incredible urge to do needlework!  I don't know where it came from, possibly the fact that I've held a crochet hook way too long.  I found a wonderful free pattern, add some great colors, and voila - a bridal shower gift in the making....just gotta make it.

~ On the Etsy note -- I made a great sized tote (I swear, I will post something separate about this!!!) that was super simple, just need to add a little ironing and some pretty applique and reverse applique and add it to Etsy.  Best part?  I'm using fabric from sheets I've found at garage sales!  I have less than $5 invested in THREE queen sized sheets, some twin sized sheets, and a handful of pillow cases.

~ Continuing with Etsy...I have the yarn for doilies.  Just gotta buckle down and make 'em!

~ Other fair projects I'd like to have done in time: child's dress, big doily, giant granny square baby blanket...and so many more that I can't think of right now because is is AFTER 1AM!

Holy hell....I need to get to bed.  Night all!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bookworm Wednesday! (v.7)

For some reason, I feel like I've done these before, but I'm too tired (after a day at the pool!) to go back and look, so don't hate if I have....mmmmm k? :)

I'm an old Hollywood starlet kind of girl.  I grew up watching movies from the 30's, 40's, 50's, and 60's.  I was, and still am, fascinated by the glamour and classic-ness of it all!  Audrey, to me, is kinda perfect and I grew up watching movies like Breakfast at Tiffany's religiously!  (insider's secret?  When I'm down, it is still my go-to movie to pop in and recite lines from....)

How to be Lovely is an outsider's point of view on how Audrey lived her life and how you can apply it to your life.  Dressing tips.  Quotes from her on aspects of her life.  Quotes from others on Audrey.  It is a wealth of information on how to make your life the best *you* can make it -- using Audrey as an example.  I literally got so sucked into this book that I finished it in one day. 

Summer at Tiffany isn't about Audrey but it is about two girls that move to New York to work at Tiffany.  And, really, isn't that every little girl's dream to work in a sea of diamonds and jewels!?!?  It sure was mine! 

Fifth Avenue, 5 a.m. is a fictionalized version of how Breakfast at Tiffanys was made.  Well, not really fictionalized, but put in story form.  No one really knows what was said between the actors and director, but this gives us an idea of what could have been said based off facts/quotes/interviews given after the movie was made. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gussy Sews Birthday Giveaway!

Hey everyone!!

Over at Gussy Sews is a birthday giveaway celebration!  This blog is one that I stumbled upon and fell in love with!  So inspiring to me!!  And I even cracked out my sewing machine last night and made a tote because her stuff was stuck in my head (I will write a post later about it...)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fun Recipe! (and easy too!)

If you knew me in real life, you would know that I freaking love to cook and bake!  I just made a super simple dinner that I have to share!!

All you do is brown about a pound of hamburger or another type of ground beef you prefer; I use the leanest cut of whatever I choose, I *hate* to drain meat.  Once it is browned, or cooked through if you choose something other than hamburger, add just two cups of water and steak flavored rice....or, like me, you add two cups of water, rice, and whatever seasoning you find in the drawer!  I think I used taco seasoning (I have the huge container of El Paso taco seasoning and use it in just about everything....) and Mrs. Dash in addition to the flavoring that came with the rice.  I also added seasoning to the meat while it was browning so it got really cooked in.  Once everything is seasoned in the pot, cover it, reduce heat just a bit and let it simmer until the rice is cooked and the water is mostly gone. 

I'm not kidding, it was so good!  I am totally making this again!!

Hope everyone is having a safe and happy holiday weekend!  Happy Birthday America!

Book Swap.....

Is anyone up for another book swap?  Leave me a comment so I can judge interest! :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Putting it out there....

Part of me really wants to believe in things like The Secret, that if you put something out into the universe, it comes back to you.  Hell, even my dad says that when he gives money to homeless people--just putting it out in the universe.

With that said, I just spent a week filling out applications and sending in resumes.  So, universe, I'd like a job.  Please and thank you.  Love, Andrea.