Saturday, May 2, 2015

Columbus Modern Quilters Bee Block

I'm requesting Anna Maria's Feathers for this month.  Please make two feathers (they make a square when put together...) but please don't sew them together.  I would like just the two individual feathers.  Please keep in mind when looking at the pattern that AMH is thinking that you're going to be doing an entire quilt of these instead of just two....but, I found this a post that helps with that.  So, be sure to check out THIS LINK before you make your block.

As for colors, please keep the background as a low volume, text would be preferred but not required.  And, for the feathers themselves, just keep them bright and scrappy, and making the two sides different of each feather would be awesome but not required.  Mix the colors as you wish, just make sure they are not in ROYGBIV color order, I love rainbows but I don't want a specifically rainbow color scheme, just want all the colors I can get.

Lastly, please have fun with it, and I'm sure I'm going to love whatever you make!  <3