Monday, June 10, 2013


Well, I am still alive.  I've just been struggling with a lot of things lately.  The intensity of how much I miss Dayton and my friends there comes in waves.  Lately, it feels like tidal waves crashing over me.  I miss having my own space, my friends, my life there.  I dislike Ross County so much for so many different reasons.  This has never felt like "home" in the sense that Dayton or Clinton County does.  Everything with Scarlett Key has been weighing heavily on me as well.  I am seriously debating closing the Etsy shop, I don't do well on there.  I know it will only return as much as I put into it, but let's face it...I was unemployed and put my all into it and I still was lost amongst the masses on there.  I do so much better at shows.  However, the time off work to prepare and work those shows doesn't happen so then I'm back to square one with struggling on Etsy.  I know there is a learning curve, and I will master it.  I just feel beat down a bit about it right now.  I will be back, maybe not here, maybe on a blog *just* for Scarlett Key things, but I will be back at some point.