Thursday, August 8, 2013

MADE: Ring Display

y'all.  I'm still alive.  Alive and well, no less!  And I made something today!  WOOHOO!  My creative muse has been coming and going for a while now and she left on an extended vacation it seems.  But, I think she is back.  I've been tucking little Pinterest ideas away for my future show for a while now.  I even have a board dedicated to the ones I like, but I have not actually made any of them until today....  I hated the way I had my rings at every show last year.  I had them on a tray one time, in a bowl another time, and then a basket.  None of those felt right.  I needed a display.  A proper ring display...but I never found one to buy that I really loved.  Insert: Pinterest.  The first idea was this pin.  A shoe and rings?  Hello.  Perfect.  But then I never found a shoe that I really loved enough to use.  This second pin that I found seemed more perfect.  And do-able!  I hunted for a frame and ultimately found this one at Hobby Lobby (all their frames are 50% everyday!) that was perfect and went to town...Here's how I did it in pictures:

The important thing to look for in a frame is a deep glass setting.  The way that I built mine is so that I can just take this ring insert out and change up the fabric and such so having the glass set-in about an inch really was a requirement.  I think it is important to note that I didn't take the glass out either, it is still in behind the insert.

This is my frame, head on.  I really liked the scroll accents.  It suits my shabby-chic-ness of my other displays.

This is the picture that I sent to a few friends to see which fabric they thought I should use.  We all said the same thing, the right fabric was the one to use!

I don't remember where I saw it, but foam hair curlers are a life saver in this project!!  Instead of trying to roll up foam or felt or anything, just use the curlers!  I had to lay them out inside the frame to see how I wanted the rings to be displayed.

I decided to use the frame sideways, this will mean that I need to find a different back so that I have a support but that's small apples to worry about!  haha

Now this is the awkward part.  I cut my fabric to be just under an inch past the edge of each row and left it quite a bit long since I didn't know how much would be needed to go around each row.  I glued three curlers together, end to end to make up a row.  Then I glued the curlers to the fabric.  I forgot to take a picture of it, but I took the edge of the fabric and glued it to my first row.  Then I brought the fabric all the way around so that the edge touched the fold of the fabric going back to get to the next curler.  I did this because you have to be able to sit the rings in between the curlers, you don't want to glue the fabric to itself and lost that ability. 

DONE!  SO in love with it!!

 It came out pretty cute, right?!  I kinda love it!  Let me know if you make one!!