Monday, December 31, 2012

2013. I got this.

I took some time to review my goals (both personal and professional) that I made for 2012, and I have to say, I'm rather pleased as pie with myself on where I am at right now.  Let's review....Starting with my personal goals: 
1 – Find peace within myself and love myself more. I am a big believer that you can't be at peace or love someone else until you do those things for yourself. I think that my outside world feels tumultuous because my mind and soul feel like a choppy ocean. This will probably be one of the harder goals to reach but I am determined to reach it. And hold on to it with both hands. - I'm working on this, but I'm so much better than I was at this point last year!  Finding peace within myself will always be a goal that I strive to achieve, but I will absolutely never, ever, stop trying. 

2 – Find a job I love. This will happen. I know it will. And I won't stop looking. And the job that I'm meant to have will come just when it is supposed to. - Well, I started at the store on April 2nd (I might have been the first...), while it is definitely NOT the place I will spend the rest of my working years, it has been just what I needed after the CU and a tumultuous year of unemployment. 

3 – Get Scarlett Key and Little Life of Mine to a place that I'm proud of and to a place that I want to sponsor and do giveaways on other blogs that I love. This sounds like a professional goal, but these things are so very much a part of me that they needed a goal here too. - I DID THIS!  haha, I sponsored Susannah's blog for a few months; I even did her large ad with a giveaway!  Scarlett Key is there again for January and I couldn't be more pleased!  I also was a part of Kaelah's handmade giveaway in December.  

4 – Spend more time with my friends. I am extremely susceptible to feeling lonely, this could be stopped by actually making more of an effort to see my friends. I'm also very unsure if I will continue living in Dayton – and if I move over an hour away it will only get harder to see the people that I miss now when they only live minutes away. - Well, I did move back to the farm.  I get back to Dayton as often as I can, which is translating to about once a month or so.  I've made some very dear friends at the store that I do spend some time with as well. 

5 – Spend more time walking. I don't want to set a goal to lose weight – a girl with a history of an eating disorder shouldn't place too much emphasis on this – I merely want to be more active. I have a treadmill for a reason. - I did this too!  :)  I got up to over five miles on the trails around Chilli, but then after I started at the store, this decreased dramatically!  I have a few helpful plans/hints pinned to one of my Pinterest boards so I'm looking forward to continuing this again in 2013!  I will say that I have lost roughly 30 pounds this year even without keeping up with the walking stuff! 

6 – Actually get some face time with my dear bloggy friends. Camille & Haley, I'm looking at you! - I went to Jersey and spent a whole weekend running around with Camille!  I honestly can't wait to visit more, and I really can't wait for her wedding to Shane that I better be invited to ;)  I'm pretty sure I threaten to move there every few weeks haha

7 – Make peace with my sister. This is by far going to be the HARDEST thing to do. Just the idea scares me. - This I failed miserably at.  I actually told my sister that I never wanted to speak to her ever again back in November...or was it October?  I don't remember.  While I am saddened that I will never know my niece, I know this is the way it should be.  She and I are just not ever going to see eye to eye enough to warrant having such a negative relationship in our lives.  I guess I have made peace with her, just not with her in my life, it is with her out of it. 

8 – Stay up-to-date with my 12 in 12! I'm really looking forwards to this!!! - Another horrible failure!  haha, I did only halfway good in January and then it all just went away when I started the process to move back to the farm in February/March.  
 And now, my professional goals:
1 – Add new products.  - I did this!  I have added daddy's pens/pencils, bookmarks, fabric headbands, etc.  I also have a few things up my sleeve as well!  

2 – Do something good with my store. - This I didn't do as good on.  I didn't do a "percentage of proceeds" kind of thing, but I did start doing shows at events that support my local communities.  More than one of the shows I did this year had the booth fees go to things I'm passionate about in my communities.  That makes me a happy shop owner. 

3 -- Get my blog and Scarlett Key to a point where I can confidently sponsor blogs like Camille's or Susannah's or Kaelah's.   - As stated above, I did this!  Go me!   
As for 2013?  All I'm going to say is: MORE OF THE SAME.  More confidence building, more exercising, more friend time, just more good stuff.  I got this.  We all do. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

More Scarlett Key Updates.....

Hey, guys, I've been working my behind off (well, not literally, wouldn't it be awesome if your butt disappeared based on how hard you work?!?!) on getting Scarlett Key up to par for the winter months since I don't have any shows lined up at this time.  I've gotten a lot listed between yesterday, today, and the renewals I just did.  I will have some head bands, ear warmers, and bookmarks to list but those will be up within 24-ish hours.  Right now, though?  Right now I need to attempt to sleep a bit....