Monday, December 31, 2012

2013. I got this.

I took some time to review my goals (both personal and professional) that I made for 2012, and I have to say, I'm rather pleased as pie with myself on where I am at right now.  Let's review....Starting with my personal goals: 
1 – Find peace within myself and love myself more. I am a big believer that you can't be at peace or love someone else until you do those things for yourself. I think that my outside world feels tumultuous because my mind and soul feel like a choppy ocean. This will probably be one of the harder goals to reach but I am determined to reach it. And hold on to it with both hands. - I'm working on this, but I'm so much better than I was at this point last year!  Finding peace within myself will always be a goal that I strive to achieve, but I will absolutely never, ever, stop trying. 

2 – Find a job I love. This will happen. I know it will. And I won't stop looking. And the job that I'm meant to have will come just when it is supposed to. - Well, I started at the store on April 2nd (I might have been the first...), while it is definitely NOT the place I will spend the rest of my working years, it has been just what I needed after the CU and a tumultuous year of unemployment. 

3 – Get Scarlett Key and Little Life of Mine to a place that I'm proud of and to a place that I want to sponsor and do giveaways on other blogs that I love. This sounds like a professional goal, but these things are so very much a part of me that they needed a goal here too. - I DID THIS!  haha, I sponsored Susannah's blog for a few months; I even did her large ad with a giveaway!  Scarlett Key is there again for January and I couldn't be more pleased!  I also was a part of Kaelah's handmade giveaway in December.  

4 – Spend more time with my friends. I am extremely susceptible to feeling lonely, this could be stopped by actually making more of an effort to see my friends. I'm also very unsure if I will continue living in Dayton – and if I move over an hour away it will only get harder to see the people that I miss now when they only live minutes away. - Well, I did move back to the farm.  I get back to Dayton as often as I can, which is translating to about once a month or so.  I've made some very dear friends at the store that I do spend some time with as well. 

5 – Spend more time walking. I don't want to set a goal to lose weight – a girl with a history of an eating disorder shouldn't place too much emphasis on this – I merely want to be more active. I have a treadmill for a reason. - I did this too!  :)  I got up to over five miles on the trails around Chilli, but then after I started at the store, this decreased dramatically!  I have a few helpful plans/hints pinned to one of my Pinterest boards so I'm looking forward to continuing this again in 2013!  I will say that I have lost roughly 30 pounds this year even without keeping up with the walking stuff! 

6 – Actually get some face time with my dear bloggy friends. Camille & Haley, I'm looking at you! - I went to Jersey and spent a whole weekend running around with Camille!  I honestly can't wait to visit more, and I really can't wait for her wedding to Shane that I better be invited to ;)  I'm pretty sure I threaten to move there every few weeks haha

7 – Make peace with my sister. This is by far going to be the HARDEST thing to do. Just the idea scares me. - This I failed miserably at.  I actually told my sister that I never wanted to speak to her ever again back in November...or was it October?  I don't remember.  While I am saddened that I will never know my niece, I know this is the way it should be.  She and I are just not ever going to see eye to eye enough to warrant having such a negative relationship in our lives.  I guess I have made peace with her, just not with her in my life, it is with her out of it. 

8 – Stay up-to-date with my 12 in 12! I'm really looking forwards to this!!! - Another horrible failure!  haha, I did only halfway good in January and then it all just went away when I started the process to move back to the farm in February/March.  
 And now, my professional goals:
1 – Add new products.  - I did this!  I have added daddy's pens/pencils, bookmarks, fabric headbands, etc.  I also have a few things up my sleeve as well!  

2 – Do something good with my store. - This I didn't do as good on.  I didn't do a "percentage of proceeds" kind of thing, but I did start doing shows at events that support my local communities.  More than one of the shows I did this year had the booth fees go to things I'm passionate about in my communities.  That makes me a happy shop owner. 

3 -- Get my blog and Scarlett Key to a point where I can confidently sponsor blogs like Camille's or Susannah's or Kaelah's.   - As stated above, I did this!  Go me!   
As for 2013?  All I'm going to say is: MORE OF THE SAME.  More confidence building, more exercising, more friend time, just more good stuff.  I got this.  We all do. 

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  1. iiiiiiii loooooooooooooove you!! and i'm SO proud of how you rocked 2012!!! please come visit me soon!!! pleeeeease!!! I have new places for us to visit! and FINALLY decided on my next tattoo!! keep working hard girl. it's paying off for you :)


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