Saturday, July 28, 2012

So, there's this guy....

There's this guy that comes in to the store on a regular (read-nearly every day) basis that I've been crushing on for a while.  I'm finally at a point where I don't want that "other" guy anymore.  I mean, yeah, I still have feelings and I miss our friendship, but I want someone that wants me.  And, well, he obviously doesn't.  So, I'm moving on. 

Anyway, back to this guy.  He's got the most gorgeous eyes, is always super sweet and funny when he comes in, rides a motorcycle....and has a girlfriend.  I might be reading too much into it, but he doesn't act like he has a girlfriend.  Today he was checking out at one of the registers and I was in the office but I had a customer at the counter so I was standing where I could see the registers and him.  He watched me the *entire* time that he was in line and then checking out.  I mean, seriously.  I didn't have something on my face or anything, I wasn't talking overly loud to the customer in front of me, I don't get it.  The only difference in today from all the other days he's seen me is that my hair was down instead of pulled back.  I could definitely be reading too much into it...and considering the fact that I'm always attracted to the guys I can't have, this is a huge possibility.  Does any one have a "Guy Dictionary" that I could borrow? 

For those of you that are in a relationship, how did you meet your significant other?  I'm really missing the closeness of having a boyfriend so I'm curious in relationships in general.  Should I try online dating again?  Or hope that someone asks me out or meets me through friends?

Friday, July 27, 2012


And I celebrated my day off Friday with Hostess cupcakes while scratching off a few lottery tickets.  Why?  Because I could ;)  I had great big plans of getting *all* the items I had done put in the shop and finishing the 18 million things that just need a seam or two so that I could add them as well.  Well, that didn't happen. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Just a little GIVEAWAY information!

The giveaway over on ends TOMORROW!  GO SIGN UP!  There are not that many entries so you have a greater chance of winning more than $50 worth of Scarlett Key stuff! 

Also, I said that once I got to 25 "likes" on the facebook page, I would run a small giveaway there!  Well, I hit 25 the other day and I'm posting the giveaway tomorrow!!!  It will be worth over$25!! 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

100 mph.

I feel like my brain is going about 100 mph and I can't get it to shut down for a bit.  I have new headband ideas.  I have a running list of stuff to get done.  I have store stuff that I need to focus on when I'm there.  I have product photo ideas.  I have a lot to do, a lot to finish, a lot of everything it seems.  Anyone wanna come help?  I'm only half kidding.....

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dear You....

I've been thinking of how I want to say these couple of things to you.  I don't know that there is a "right" or "correct" way to say them so I'm just going to say them.

1. We agreed friends first.  Well, I miss my friend.  I miss the guy that I can talk to about anything.  I miss the guy that gives me advice on random....well, guy stuff.  I miss the guy that's there for me when I need him to get my mind off of other stupid shit in ways like all night sessions at the garage talking & laughing.

2. I don't want drama.  You don't want drama.  Let's not have drama.

3. I just want you to be happy.  I don't care who it is with. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Daily Blogging

I've been thinking a lot about daily blogging again.  I honestly don't know that I want to do it.  I miss regular features like Bookworm Wednesday, but I work so much and have so much other stuff to sew, I mean do, that I don't always read a book each week to talk about.  Hell, I don't even know who I am talking to!  haha I guess I will just keep posting whenever the mood strikes me.  Right now, though?  The sleepy mood is stiking! 

OH!  Go check out Susannah's page for a fun giveaway from Scarlett Key!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Greene Countrie Towne Festival!

I didn't take a whole lot of pictures, and the ones I did take I'm going to keep to myself for the moment.  I might share them someday.  I have spent the last two-ish weeks sleeping very little, sewing a lot, and working at the store just as much.  But - I LOVED every minute of it!  I even said that I was so surprised that I was as happy as I was stressed out.  The excitement of my first festival was....well....exciting!  I didn't even make enough money to cover the cost of the booth (and, if I'm being honest, the money I did make went right over four booths down to the Lemon Shake-Up lady!) but I'm so proud of myself for actually going out there and not giving up.  I'm going to be totally honest and say that there were *multiple* times when I wanted to just pack up and leave, but I didn't.  I stuck it out.  There was no way in hell that I was going to give up on my dream of someone buying and loving my products.  And you know what?  The people that did buy my stuff seemed to really love it!  The first thing I sold, the girl literally walked three steps outside the booth and had her friend help her put it in her hair right then.  I smiled every single time I saw her through out that night....and I spotted her all the time because she had a bright pink bow in her hair!  Then, yesterday a woman let her daughter pick out a headband, the girl decided on (my favorite...) polka dot one with bright turquoise and pink on it.  Guess what I saw running around the festival this afternoon?  THAT HEADBAND!  I was so.....happy.  Like, to my core happy that people liked my stuff and I saw it. (disclaimer, I didn't just sell those two products)

Beyond that, it was just a fun weekend.  I got to see some old friends on Friday that came out to support me.  Jamie and B came out on Friday to help me set up and then again on Saturday afternoon.  My sister and her husband came out with the baby.  And, most importantly, my parents were there every day.  My dad missed Friday because he was coming home from Denver, but mom came to visit for a bit.  I also could not have lucked out more in the booth neighbor department!  I was next to the sweetest couple!  I have their contact info, so, hey, if you're in need of a hamburger/hot dog/Italian sausage/fried bologna vendor around Ohio, let me know!  haha  There were a lot of added stuff to this festival.....they did a scavenger hunt for kids, an antique car parade, a "regular" parade, singers on the main stage, an auction, a run, and a pageant. 

All in all, I'm calling it a success.  I have a lot of changes to make before Labor Day when I do the Sunflower Festival in Frankfort....and I have to decide if I'm going to continue doing festivals.....decisions decisions  :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hey, y'all!

HI!  I'm still alive.  I feel like I've been writing more of these "hey, still here" posts than anything else, but he, I'm still here.  haha 

I'm working at the store 40+ hours a week now, and I'm closing every night, which I don't mind except that my hours are 1230-930 - just late enough to not get anything done in the morning and just late enough to not really have time to do anything after work.  Oh well, I'm making it work somehow. 

I'm also prepping for my FIRST FESTIVAL!  Scarlett Key is presenting herself to the locals!  HA!  I'm nervous beyond belief but there are some saving graces.  My brother is an EMT in the town that it is held and he's working that weekend, so he will be relatively close by.  I've made some great friend through work that have said they would stop by and be there for moral support.  Plus, I think that some of my friends from Dayton will be down as well.  The one huge downside to it being next weekend?  My dad got called away to work in Colorado so one of my main supporters isn't going to be there for my first festival.  Not gonna lie, I might have cried a tiny bit when I found out about that.  I'm gonna miss the unconditional support that my dad gives in these types of situations.  While I love my momma with all my heart, my dad just is a rock for me when I'm doubting myself.  I'm also missing my ldb!  (Camille, we need an excessively long chat session soooooon!)  There are days when I wish she lived much closer than Jersey, and this week is definitely going to be some of those days! 

I have so much to get done before the festival.  Plus I'm sponsoring Susannah's blog this month and will be doing a giveaway over there that I'm still crafting for!  Oh my!  I better get some rest!!  :) 

Monday, July 2, 2012


I have a best friend.  I call her Lovie, she calls me the same thing.  We are so insanely alike that when she was hired at the credit union, my boss said we would be best friends forever or hate each other for eternity.  Thankfully, we became best friends.  Each year we go to the fireworks in downtown Dayton.  They are, quite simply, amazing.  Fireworks always turn me into an emotional five year old.  I always use it as a moment to reflect about our country & all that jazz, and as the daughter of army guy, I'm incredibly patriotic.  Anyway, each year that we've gone to the fireworks, we've taken a picture of ourselves.  This is seriously like the only time we take a *single* picture haha!