Monday, November 12, 2012

Scarlett Key!!

Well, I kinda got my crap together and have the shop opened back up.  Kinda.  I have the previously listed items updated with what I've sold and what I still have.....the next step is taking photos and listing the items I've made since the last time I had the shop open.  (can you believe that it has been like three months since then?!?!) 

Let me know what you think, the good & the bad!! 

I'm also so incredibly open to custom orders if you want something that you don't see!  Just email the store email at: scarlettkeysales (at) gmail (dot) com

Monday, November 5, 2012

Dear You....

I have a confession. You cross my mind more than I care to admit. 
I wonder what you're up to. 
I wonder if you like your new job. 
I wonder what you would say if I texted and said, hey, I'm gonna throw on my jean skirt, wanna meet up for a bit. 
I wonder what you would say if I asked if you can believe that next week, November 14th, is our "anniversary" of sorts. 
I wonder if you've studied for your GED. 
I wonder if you need help studying for your GED. 
I wonder if you want to come over and just watch movies with me because I hate watching movies alone. 
I wonder what would happen if I said we should have a proper date.  Candlelight, flowers, picking me up from the farm kind of date. 
I wonder if there is some way I can help you figure things out.
I wonder if you realize that I'm way super stressed and the way you make me laugh is something that I need because of that stress. 
I wonder if you think about me when you're bored because that's when you cross my mind a lot. 
I wonder if you have to stop for a second in the middle of the day because the thought of jean skirts, meeting in random parking lots in Greenfield, rain on a trailer roof, cleaning semi truck tires, and all the things that happened and were said catch you off guard.
I wonder what you would say when I remind you that we're friends first.  That friends are there for each other.  That even without being in a relationship that I know you don't want right now, friends help each other out, that friends talk, that friends see each other and hang out.  That I miss my friend.