Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hey, y'all!

HI!  I'm still alive.  I feel like I've been writing more of these "hey, still here" posts than anything else, but he, I'm still here.  haha 

I'm working at the store 40+ hours a week now, and I'm closing every night, which I don't mind except that my hours are 1230-930 - just late enough to not get anything done in the morning and just late enough to not really have time to do anything after work.  Oh well, I'm making it work somehow. 

I'm also prepping for my FIRST FESTIVAL!  Scarlett Key is presenting herself to the locals!  HA!  I'm nervous beyond belief but there are some saving graces.  My brother is an EMT in the town that it is held and he's working that weekend, so he will be relatively close by.  I've made some great friend through work that have said they would stop by and be there for moral support.  Plus, I think that some of my friends from Dayton will be down as well.  The one huge downside to it being next weekend?  My dad got called away to work in Colorado so one of my main supporters isn't going to be there for my first festival.  Not gonna lie, I might have cried a tiny bit when I found out about that.  I'm gonna miss the unconditional support that my dad gives in these types of situations.  While I love my momma with all my heart, my dad just is a rock for me when I'm doubting myself.  I'm also missing my ldb!  (Camille, we need an excessively long chat session soooooon!)  There are days when I wish she lived much closer than Jersey, and this week is definitely going to be some of those days! 

I have so much to get done before the festival.  Plus I'm sponsoring Susannah's blog this month and will be doing a giveaway over there that I'm still crafting for!  Oh my!  I better get some rest!!  :) 

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  1. congrats about your first festival coming up! sounds like you'll have your hands full. :) just found your blog today- love it!

    xo, samantha


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