Friday, July 8, 2011

Projects I want to get done!!!!

In no particular order.....

~ The last teeny tiny bit of this swap project.  El ATE part of another piece I made for it, so now I'm scrambling to finish up enough projects for the swap so that I meet the 400 yd usage requirement.  All I have to do is blanket stitch up the sides and add two buttons and it is done.  I will have the whole package out early tomorrow hopefully (if I actually wake up....)

~ Miss Haley's hat.  Sorry, Haley, it kinda hit a back burner when the swap tragedy happened.  I have all the stuff, I just need to sit and do it! 

~ Allicen's infinity cowl.   She loved the prototype that I made so I had her pick out a color and told her that I'd make her one.  Thankfully, it is like 90 degrees in Ohio so she hasn't been asking for it!  (oh, and I must mention, that she wants me to make her a Steelers colored, yeah.  That's gonna be a while)

~ I'd *kill* to be able to get some quilting time.  I have two quilts going that need to be finished but life is getting in the way. 

~ Critron Shawl....this will be for both the Sunflower Yarns K/CAL on Rav and a fair submission.  Scary part to this?  IT IS ALL SINGLE CROCHET. 

~ Etsy product!!!  Oh my, I have opened the dang Etsy store, but haven't added anything for sale!  I know I can do up some cup cozies pretty quick to start out with.  Usually I can finish one cozy totally in less than an hour following the pattern that I already have, but I want to edit that pattern a little bit.

~ Embroidery!  I have this incredible urge to do needlework!  I don't know where it came from, possibly the fact that I've held a crochet hook way too long.  I found a wonderful free pattern, add some great colors, and voila - a bridal shower gift in the making....just gotta make it.

~ On the Etsy note -- I made a great sized tote (I swear, I will post something separate about this!!!) that was super simple, just need to add a little ironing and some pretty applique and reverse applique and add it to Etsy.  Best part?  I'm using fabric from sheets I've found at garage sales!  I have less than $5 invested in THREE queen sized sheets, some twin sized sheets, and a handful of pillow cases.

~ Continuing with Etsy...I have the yarn for doilies.  Just gotta buckle down and make 'em!

~ Other fair projects I'd like to have done in time: child's dress, big doily, giant granny square baby blanket...and so many more that I can't think of right now because is is AFTER 1AM!

Holy hell....I need to get to bed.  Night all!!

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  1. girly you gonna be bussssssssssssssy. how ya gonna fit in a visit to meeeeee? :)


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