Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dear World: You're disheartening!

I am so very discouraged by this whole job thing!  I mean, I poured my heart into a company that didn't give me the time off to go to school for six years!  Six freaking years!  And, now I'm stuck battling against other people my age that have a degree...a degree that I don't have.  BUT hell, I've worked my tail off for that company with nothing to show for it other than great experience and know-how about banking and financial stuff.  Most of my friends can't even get their check book to balance, but I did stuff like that daily for members.  So, really employers, it is on you now -- do you want someone with a piece of paper and no background actually in the field or would you rather have someone that knows their shit because they lived it day in and day out for well over six years?

/end rant. :)


  1. you got this girl. the perfect job will come along exactly when its supposed to :)

  2. I agree, having the bit of paper is good, but it's better to have the skills and experience. Good luck!!


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