Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bookworm Wednesday! (v.8)

Hey, look at me putting this up before noon!  GO me! :)

Do you remember me saying that one of my tattoos came from a book about WWII?  Well, The Nazi Officer's Wife is that book!  Edith Hahn was a real girl, about my age, during the war.  She was in a work camp during the beginning of the way, but got released and immediately went into hiding.  Her friends found a Nazi officer to marry her, a Jewish girl.  The shocking part?  He knew she was Jewish.  How would you live knowing you were married to a person that was supposed to hate you with a passion just based on how you were raised and what you believed?  How would you live knowing that if you were found out then you would most likely be shot on the spot?  How would you feel if you knew that if you slipped up the tiniest bit in front of your husband's friends you and he could be killed?  This story struck a chord with me like most Holocaust much so that one tiny thing she wrote at the end of a letter (la vie est belle, est elle commence demain), will forever be on my skin. 

Fly me to the Moon is a complete 180 from The Nazi Officer's is funny, witty, sarcastic....kinda like me!  What would you do if you were a flight attendant certain you were about to be proposed to but find out otherwise?  You fly yourself to all kinds of fun places trying to run from the situation.  At least that is what I would do, and what Hailey did.  Definitely a fun, beachy kind of read.  I think I managed to read it in two days or so because it was that fun.

The Washingtonienne is just as delicious a read as Fly me to the Moon.  What does a New York City transplant to Washington DC do?  She becomes a high dollar prostitute to the politicians that run the city & our country.  Best part?  This was based on true stories!!!  The girl that wrote it, wrote it from the things she heard from her friends....and her blog that kept these secrets before the book got her fired from a senator's office. 

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