Thursday, July 21, 2011

Um, hi! I'm still alive!! :)

I had a caaaaa-razy busy week last week and am just now catching up on everything.  I feel soooo very behind on my online life!  I've already spent almost two hours in Panera catching up.  Yes, I do leave the apartment for internet makes me feel like I do have a job. :)

So, what have I been up to?  Well, I left town last Monday for the farm and didn't get back until late this's my week in pictures:
It was BLAZIN' hot out so I spent a lot of time with this guy.  <3

This GORGEOUS swap package was waiting for me.  Diane def spoiled me!

I had to wake up early a lot of the mornings!  Once for the ferrier for the horses, once for my hearing, and once to go babysit the best little guy in the world!  Regardless, farm mornings are the best.
I had a mani/pedi date with my sister.  We also shopped a bit, picked out her gift for her new husband, and two days before the wedding we finally found her GOOD shoes!
Jamie had a soccer tournament and Trevor was pulling 24 hour shifts at the station, so we go B for the weekend!  Mom & dad were in HEAVEN!  Haha, can you read B's onesie?  It says, what happens at grandma's, stays at grandma's.  This was after playing outside with the dogs and kittens.  Love.
So, Amanda decided, kinda at the last minute, what/how she wanted to do her flowers for the wedding.  Thankfully, we just needed to worry about a bouquet for her and flowers for the top of the cake...and in swoops the crafty one (me) to the rescue.  We were literally in Kroger & Wal-Mart three hours before the wedding getting supplies.  Yep.  it was a slighty stressful morning...but the additional shoe shopping helped I think.  
My "artsy-fartsy" shot of the bouquet I made for her.  Hydrangeas for the big center piece, white roses framing around the edge, and baby's breath throughout.  I'm actually insanely proud of it.  We did the same style thing for the top of the cake...
El was so unbelievably happy to be home again on Monday.  haha
Oh!  And I found a new soundtrack to my world!  I grew up on this music so it holds a special place in my heart.  I can remember singing He's a Rebel with my momma when I was little!  I always stop and look at these compilation cd's at the stores, and the one song that I want to find on one someday is Jimmy Mack, so if you see it....BUY IT!  haha
And I did some fabric shopping!  These are three of the seven (?) prints that I ended up mind is swirling with the possibilities!!

 I think you're all caught up now!  In between all these adventures I've been crocheting and crafting....Haley's hat is about half way done, should finish up between tonight/ Critron Shawl is coming along, should be done for the fair....and my child's clothing submission for the fair will be started this weekend.  Overall, I'm insanely pleased with life right now.  What's making you happy today?

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  1. making me happy: this insanely hot weather, my impending beach trip, and YOU! you did an AWESOME job with those flowers, love them!


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