Thursday, April 14, 2011

Book Swap!

I wanna do a book swap, if you're interested please let me know via a comment here or email [ prajaline at gmail . com ]
I'm not kidding when I say that I have *boxes* of books, older ones, new ones, funny ones, serious ones, long ones, short ones so I'm down for any kind of book!  I think it would be fun!

Update - 04/16
I've made a button for the book swap if you would like add it to your page, send me an email and I will send you the html code since I don't know how to add it underneath haha
Oh!  And I'm thinking that we will see where we are as far as sign ups around May 1st (hopefully this will give us a good amount of time to get some sign ups!).  Remember, if you want to sign up or have any questions, please email me at the above address!

Update - 04/18
I just wanted to add a quick note letting everyone who stops by know that you don't have to be on Blogger to join the swap!  Just shoot me a quick email and I will add you to the list!  Oh, and we are up to 4 people total in the swap!  Go us!!!

Update - 04/25
Special THANKS to Haley for adding the button as well as Camille....Hoping to get at least a few more guys and gals but I'm excited for even just the four of us involved now.  I am thinking of doing this round robin style (a sends to b, b sends to c, etc) and as for the type of book?  Anything goes!  I'm all for reading books that I normally wouldn't pick up from the shelf.  Let me know if you have any questions!  I will be emailing all involved on May 1st with instructions from there :)

Update - 05/15
Hey everyone!  I've gotten a couple of emails asking if it is too late to be involved.  For this round, yes, most, if not all, packages have been sent.  BUT - I'm in the process of re-designing this project and will post soon about a ROUND TWO!!!!!!


  1. me me me me me!! i love all types of books!

  2. Seen this on camilles page..I definetley want to do a swap!

  3. I came from Camille's page, too! I'm definitely in! :)

  4. Could I get in on some book swapping? ;)

  5. Is it too late to participate? Do you need anyone else? Let me know! :D I'm an obsessive book-aholic as well as swapper!

  6. Is it possible to still join in or has it been done now?


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