Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Sweet Sweet Maximus

My Maximus.  My sweet sweet little boy.  He came in to our lives in a roundabout sort of way via a pregnant stray, but more on that story in a minute.....Max is the sweetest, loving-est puppy of our bunch probably and has been for the last eight-ish years.

Maximus also goes by many names (all of our pets do...): Max, Maxi, Maxeeeeeeeemus

My Max definitely has his momma's sweet temperament.  She showed up to the barn we used to board our horses out.  Annnnnd, she was prego.  If you know outside animals, you should also be aware of the fact that usually animals born in litters during the fall/winter months (especially in freezing Ohio) usually don't survive well.  Little Missy (we can be soooo unoriginal with the names some times!) was a better momma than we could ever have imagined though.  The litter was born on Christmas Eve so all the puppies originally had reindeer names, and I honestly don't remember what Max's was.  I gave him the name Maximus because, quite frankly, he was the fattest of the bunch and "Maximum" just didn't quite sound right.  There were six puppies total, and dad said we couldn't keep any of them because we were keeping Missers at the barn.  Well, (and I'm using all their current names....) Buddy went to my (now) sister-in-law, Pooper went to my (at the time) sister's boyfriend's family, Bear went to friend of my brother, two (sorry, I don't know their names now....) went to the owner of the car lot that my family used excessively, and Maximus went to a family friend. 

I think I cried for a day or two or eight.  I just had an odd attachment to this sweet little guy (see above photo!) and I wanted to keep him.  If we give animals away, we give them with one condition of: if it doesn't work out, give them back, DO NOT take them to the pound.  Thankfully, one day when I came home from school, Max was tied in the driveway.  I was ELATED!  My sweet guy had been brought back, and now daddy just couldn't tell me no haha!  And that is where Maxi has stayed for the rest of his time with us, in the driveway.  That's his spot, I think he likes saying hi to everyone that comes over.

Max hasn't given me near as many heart attacks as Cody has.  He's very even tempered, though I wouldn't put it past him to get pretty mean if someone were being mean to one of the family.  He loves it when I take him for rides, and I'm the only one that does for some reason; he is very much a back seat dog, that is until the car stops and then it is right into the front seat to see out the windshield.  This was ok when I drove a tiny little car, much harder now that I drive my Jeep.  He loves to run really fast away from you, pounce down on his front legs and then jump and run really fast back to you.  He nearly knocks me over sometimes but I'd go down laughing because he is just too funny when he does it.  Oh, and hate me all you want for this, but he gets french fries every year on his birthday.  Every.Year. 

And, well, I only have a few pictures of him, but they are adorable as all my furry babies are....

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  1. awww i take lola and annie to chickfila for french fries for their bdays and "special occassions" (such as after the vet!)


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