Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Happy Bryant

(soooo I'm at the farm, everyone is asleep and I'm wide awake so here is my pet post of the week - a day early!)

Bryant is my big boy, my big can't-mommy-still-carry-me? boy.  I love him and I love that he is giant but still is very roly poly and loving like his is 10 pounds.

Back when I was driving from my parents all the way to Dayton to work, I had a hour and a half drive.  One way.  This led to a lot of thinking time and learning how to really look around and drive at the same time.  Well, I noticed one day that there was a big sign saying "free puppys" (yeah, I know, spelled wrong, I live in the deeeeep country!) not too far from the farm.  Well, this sign was up for a couple of weeks and during those weeks my mom's dog Scruffy passed away.  She was devastated.  Absolutely broken.  My thought?  Go pick out a new puppy!  Puppies make everything a little easier to handle, right?!?! 

The week that I picked out Bryant I was initially really bummed out because the sign disappeared during the week.  I thought I had missed my chance while I was trying to talk my parents into a new puppy.  Well, lo and behold, the sign showed up on Saturday when I was on my way home.  And, apparently I had broken down my mom enough because she finally said: Well, just take your dad and go!  WOOHOO!  I had gotten (kind of....) permission for a puppy!  And I got to go with dad?  Hell, I was coming out of that place with more than one if I had anything to say about it! 

My dad shoulda known!  He shoulda known I tell ya!  We get to this really back country road farm and I feel like I start to hear banjos; you know, like in Deliverance?  It was creeeepy!  At the end of this really long driveway was a square made of chain link walls.  And inside?  Inside was a personal heaven---PUPPIES!  Lot of them!  All kinds, shapes, sizes.  I was in love with all of them and I wanted them all to come home with us!  This guy finally came out of the old barn.  Gangly.  Missing teeth.  Dirty jeans.  Half a cigar dangling from his tobacco stained lips.  Not my cup of tea, but hey, I just wanted his dogs!  He let me into the makeshift kennel and I was instantly surrounded by puppies.  He said that over the course of a week or two he had three pregnant bitches thrown into the road in front of his house and all the puppies were the result.  While he was ok keeping the girls, he wanted to be rid of all of the puppies.  He stated that he had given some away via stops from the sign, but that as of Monday he was taking the rest to a (killing) shelter.  I was heartbroken when my dad put his foot down on bringing them all home (granted my dad has said no to me maybe like a handful of times in my life so I wasn't used to it haha).  We pretty quickly picked out a dog for my mom; a very sweet natured mutt.  I wasn't leaving with just one though....

I had been keeping my eye on this fluffy ball of breathing fur that stayed in the corner and didn't really come near me when all the others did.  I'm a sucker for a project, especially one that involves winning over an animal that will grow to love and not hate people.  It took a few minutes but I got closer and finally picked him up.  He instantly nuzzled his nose into my neck and that was it.  This bugger was coming home too!  Dad finally said we had to go, and I just hopped into the truck with both dogs.  He raised and eye brow and didn't say another word to me. 

Bryant is going to be five, maybe six, I've lost count and I'm getting sleepy enough to not worry too much.  He is my loving boy.  I used to carry him around until he got too big and heavy, well he still thinks I can carry him when he is now over 100 pounds and can look me in the eye when he stands on his hind legs.  But he is soooo lovingly, and playful.  He gives lots of kisses.  He rolls in the grass with you.  He is just a generally excited puppy minded dog.  And without further ado....here are the few non-blurry pictures of my baby.  Oh, and he is estimated via my vet to be half Australian Shepherd and half Newfoundland.  And yes, he has black spots on his tongue - you can't see it, but on the one side is a crescent shaped black spot.

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