Monday, April 25, 2011


I hope I never see what I saw today again.  Ever. 

Seriously, it was the most dramatic trip home from WalMart ever.  Now, this trip is literally like 10 maybe 15 minutes so it shouldn't be a bad drive.....NOT TODAY!  I was driving down the road and saw a truck blocking the two lanes going my way, I assumed it was someone moving into the apartments that are right there....well, it wasn't!  As I got closer I saw a red SUV and a person.  A person laying in a very unnatural position.  Partially under the SUV.  It was so disturbing and I couldn't look away.  I saw the first police officer get there and run to the person, I saw blood, I saw a scene that I will probably have nightmares about for a while.

It doesn't end there.  I was expecting to see the ambulances and such going by as Kettering has a bazillion stations so I was traveling slow down the road once I got around the accident.  As I was waiting at the light that I turn at I saw the fire trucks start coming towards me.  I also saw the cars going perpendicular to us not stopping.  It was very close to another accident happening, I was already in tears from the first accident, it just wasn't good.  As the baby sister to a fire fighter/emt, I couldn't help but picture my brother in one of those trucks getting into an accident; side note - I cried the wholeeee way thru Ladder 49, whole way!

So ---- in light of my dramatic drive home, I am asking that everyone who happens upon this, please say a prayer or keep in your thoughts, the person that was hit and all our civil service workers that put their lives on the line everyday to help and serve and protect us each and every day.

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