Saturday, April 23, 2011


Today will be a good day!  It started normal....this includes El chewing on my wrought iron head board & let me tell you that cat teeth against metal is *NOT* a way to start anyone's day, but that's how mine start most days.

BUT - I just found out that I won the 4 year anniversary contest over at Painted Sheep and I couldn't be happier!  I've gotten a new found love of yarns, any and all kinds, any and all colors but I tend to drift towards pinks and reds like everything else in my life (on my Ravelry I have "pucci print" listed as my favorite colors if that tells you anything.....ha!).  Their Autumn colorway is probably one of my favorites and I'm BEYOND EXCITED that I get free money with them!  I just can't wait to get some yarn from them and start working with it.  Yesterday I also found a love for wooden knitting needles over at the yarn shop in Centerville.  I've never worked with wood before, they always seemed so fragile compared to the metal ones that I've inherited from my grandma's collection from the 70's.  And, side note, I found online tutorials on how to make them, I totally sent the link to my dad since he builds all kinds of stuff for us!  I'd die for some needles or hooks make from wood from their farm, or my grandparent's farm.  Also, yesterday, I got my order from Sunflower Yarns.  I ordered this and a surprise grab bag.  The grab bag had all kinds of goodies, a gorg blue yarn, some stitch markers, a pattern, and a cute little bag that has found a home in my project bag.  I'm thinking that maybe Miss Camille could make me some personalized stitch markers since they seem to be made using jewelry a collaboration needs to happen here Camille!  Haha

I'm totally nerding out to all this yarn in my life right now, maybe a post showing my spoils will be needed soon.  I already stitched up a swatch with one of the more unique yarns that I bought yesterday and it is amazing to hook with. 

ANYWHOOOO  Back to today!  I'm currently waiting on my sister so that we can get our Old Navy on!  I got an email that they're having sales in store only and we're heading to possibly at least two different stores.  I know, I know.  But, please keep in mind that as I sit here I'm wearing jeans, underwear, and a tee all from Old Navy.  I'm a walking billboard for them.  Not kidding.  Oh!  And I'm hopefully running over to Lowe's to get my free tree!  I'm a HUGE advocate for planting trees, and planting at least two for every one you have to cut down.  They are just generally awesome for our one and only Earth and should be everywhere in my opinion!  Dad said that if I got one I could plant it where I wanted on the farm, so that would be nice.  I'm super excited to get my hands on my blanket some more, I finished another 4 rows after I did my post last night.  Plus, I think I'm going out with some friends tonight and that's always a good excuse for a cute dress and heels!  And, I'm having a phenomenal hair day, sorry, that's my one vain comment!

I hope everyone has a fantabulous day, enjoy just being you today, you're awesome, you're lovely, and you rock!

(oh!  And if you visit either shop and buy something, share!  I wanna see what you got!)

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  1. hoooooooooray for a collaboration & your good day!!!


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