Thursday, April 28, 2011

Progress! {update b}

I finally buckled down today and finished panel 1 on the bag...I've even started the second panel!  According to the instructions, you make the two panels, add the petals, then make the strips for the bottom/sides and handles to attach.  I'm EXCITED for a completed project but I'm nervous about the petals.  They're made of this set of stitches: single, half double, double, triple, double, half double, single.  I only know single and double really well, but I'm going to take some yarn and work on the half double and triple for a few rows before I try it on the actual purse.  Here's some pics for the finished panel...
This is the "back" of the panel, aka inside of purse....I need to weave in my tails at some point too!
This is the "front" of the panel, I will essentially crochet the petals into the top of this side.
This is a close up of the front, the ridges that come up a bit compared to the rest are the stitches that I'm going to stitch the petals into.

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  1. there is NO way i'll ever be able to do that! it's beautiful!!


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