Thursday, April 21, 2011

I need happy today....

So, here are some of my favorite things....
1 -  I'm obsessed!  It is a definite must if you're a crocheter/knitter or thinking of becoming one.  There is so many tips/tricks and inspiration on there.  It is like a knitting/crochet Facebook....If you sign up, find me, my name is prajaline

2 - Sex & The City on E!  Thank you for being there.  I know I can recite lines from most of the episodes, but I love them more each time I see them.

3 - My momma's chocolate cake.  She made it in rounds for me even!  She rocks!

4 - My momma's tuna salad.  She taught me the recipe finally!  I know that I will still not be able to make it taste right or like her's, but I'm gonna try!

5 - Planning my next crafting project....More bookmarks like I send to Camille {}?  Another afghan?  A granny square pillow for my couch?  So many options!  My mind is whirling when I go to bed usually....

hmmmm, I think that's plenty for now, hopefully this will dissolve some of the sad funk from yesterday...?

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