Sunday, April 1, 2012

Second Chances

Well, that could be a loaded title....but it really is simple as just continuing to go back into the thrift store.  I'm determined to find some great finds!  I've recently found some good pieces that I'm going to use the fabric from for Scarlett Key products. 

Another good way to pick up fabric for cheap is to scope out the remnants bins at the craft stores.  I always always always hit these up when I go into Hobby Lobby or JoAnn's!  Both stores mark their remnants 50% off!

This remnant is clothing-quality herringbone!  Thick and luscious and just the best!
The fun prints that I use for my key fobs and fabric flowers in Scarlett Key usually come from Southern Charm Quilts on Etsy.  She has some great deals on scrap bundles and when I find something I love, I usually grab it up pretty quick! 

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