Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Birthday Wish List!

I meant to write this out yesterday since it started my countdown to my birthday in my head!  Yesterday was 4 weeks, so today is 27 days!!!  That means that in about 20 days I will be Jersey with my ldb!!!

Since I bought my Canon yesterday (I opened and played with it last night, def going to have a learning curve with it!) I thought I would share my dream birthday list...I'm not expecting a single thing off of this list as I will not be sharing it with my family.  Even if I did, birthdays are not a big thing in my family - I don't get gifts or cake or anything, it just isn't something that we do I guess.

I would like Aaron Rodgers.  Not a toy.  Not an action figure.  I would like him.  :)

I would love love love one of the Instax Minis with loads of film!  I've found that Amazon is the cheapest for the camera and like half the price for the film compared to other places! 

I love Holga cameras even though I don't own one, but since I bough the Canon I've found this Holga lens for the Rebel!  I'm in love, and it is such a great price! 
I want a bike so very badly!!!!  This Schwinn Admiral is my favorite and not a bad price! 
I love initial jewelry!  LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  I would love a little "a" ring for my thumb! 
Antique cameos hold a very special place in my heart.  This one is beautifully done and is also from one of my dream Etsy shops! 
I've been wanting to try the makeup from this store for a while, and I think that this eye shadow collection would be perfect to try first!
Quite simply, Ohio will always be home

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  1. what an amazing list!!! i'll try to kidnap rodgers for you!!


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