Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Passion

I know that I love crochet and knitting and quilting and sewing and so much more but my passion, what I lust after, what I wish I was better at?  That would be photography.  I follow photography blogs, photo people on Twitter, everything!  When my dad gave me his Canon from the early 90's?  I was in HEAVEN!  I mentioned before that we used to have a darkroom in our garage.  There is a picture of my dad taking a picture hanging in mom & dad's room.  He used to go off on weekend trips with his friend Mark to take pictures all around.  He gave me my first little point & shoot camera well before I was 10.  My uncle is a professional photographer.  He has worked in a hospital setting taking the absolute cooooolest pictures! 

Now, me?  I just like taking pictures.  I would so much rather be behind the camera than in front of it.  I love playing with focus and things.  I just love it. 

That is probably the current favorite of mine.  I took it with my cell might remember it from one of my walk posts, just a little switch to black and white. 

I have albums full of pictures of us kids that my dad took and I can't wait to take the same kind of pictures of my kids!  I'm taking Amanda's baby bump pictures soon, and I loved taking her wedding pictures!  This is definitely not something that will become a job or a career, but something that keeps my hands busy when I'm not doing other things :) 

Now this....well, this is my camera.  It still takes film.  You remember film?  Yeah, that stuff ;)

And, now my new baby!  I've been watching my money.  I've been waiting for a good price.  I finally found my new love today.  I haven't even taken it out of the box yet.  :)

Oh, and how cute is this picture of B and my brother?  I love it so so so so much!

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