Thursday, March 29, 2012


Yesterday was normal.....This morning I woke up feeling different but more on that later...

Doesn't everyone wake up with horses just outside their window munching on grass?  This is quite literally the view out one window as I'm laying in bed.

I had so much organizing to do!  I went through all of this and even took pictures so that I could do some posts....They're scheduled so you will see the in the next few days.

Trail time! 

Chillicothe is such a historical place to live!  Between being the first state capital and very important forts/Indian burial grounds/etc, there are many historical spots around....this one is right at the beginning of where I get on the trail.  Yesterday was the first day I took time to actually read it.  :)

Now today.  Well today feels weird.  My aunt made this statement to her aunt....which got back to my mom, "People that did mom [my grandma who passed away last March] wrong will pay for what they've done".  No, I'm not part of the mob so there is no reason for this to be said.  Goodness.  I hate that family has become enemy, but it has.
This little blog and Scarlett Key is going to be doing some sponsorships coming up soon so I will keep you posted about that....the potential along with the ideas I have for new products have made me really excited for what's to come!
Now, in the saddest news....I've got another funeral to go to.  That's all I want to say in public about it at this point.  I thank you in advance for any thoughts & prayers you can send to my extended family.

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