Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bookworm Wednesday!

Woohoo!  It is Wednesday...and I'm actually posting a book!  haha

Christy is one of my all time favorite books and one that I read over and over....hence the well-worn cover on this copy!  It has everything I love in a book, something to learn/take from the book, romance, a bit of wilderness, and a something to overcome.  Christy Huddleston leaves home and goes to the Smokies to teach kids.....that should be easy, right?  Um, how about no?  She faces wild animals, stubborn families that have years/generations of tradition going on, and she ultimately has to pick either her heart or her passion.  I really just love this book.  Actually, I might put it on the nightstand to re-read it.  ;)

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