Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Disorganized Room = Disorganized Mind

I just can't get my mind straight!  Ugh, I hate hate hate this feeling!  I feel like I have so much to say and not sure where or how to start.

My room/closet is an amazing mess of crap since I've moved.  I need to organize but each time I try to work on it, I feel like I'm just moving one pile of stuff to another pile just to move it all to another pile.  I have gotten some fantastic yarn from my favorite yarn store, Sunflower Yarns, along with some fun finds at Hobby Lobby and JoAnn's and Etsy.  I need to make a post just about the stuff I've gotten in the mail and stuff, it is all wicked cute and I have great plans for most of it.   
I have been consistently been losing 2-3 pounds each week since I've been back on the farm.  If I continue at this pace, I will be down another 10-ish pounds by the time I go see my ldb in Jersey (random, but she's having a really crappy few days, go give her some love!)!  Yay!  I picked up some cute clothes on clearance from Old Navy for the trip...one thing being a pretty green and grey sundress, but I'm not totally comfortable in it at this point so I will most likely be taking a cardi to throw over it -- yes, I am mentally packing already for the trip that is just about a month away! 
When my sister got married last summer, she didn't have a wedding photographer, so that job fell to myself and R's sister....well, Amanda really loved some of the pictures I took and has agreed to let me take some maternity pictures of her growing belly!  I may have made a board for inspiration haha  Have I ever mentioned that I like taking pictures?  No?  Well, I do.  I have my dad's camera from when he was big into photography in the early 90's....we even had a darkroom in the garage!  I wish he would have kept at it because I really loved it then, and love it even more now.  But, I hate having my own picture taken....I'm definitely a behind the camera kind of gal!
Random, but the tv show Dance Moms is both horrifying and fascinating to me.  I'm also really loving to snack on Teddy Grahams.  I prefer the chocolate chip ones.
The idea of doing sponsoring on other blogs via Scarlett Key and Little Life of Mine has been on my mind a great deal.  There are a few blogs that I really really really love, GrrFiesty & Miss Larissa Bee & Susannah Bean & others, that I think have decent prices to at least try it out....That wouldn't be a bad idea, right?  I just want to get SK out there and really put more of my heart into it.  I have been planning and thinking about new products for my little shop that I can't wait to work on and get put into the store. 
Speaking of Miss Larissa Bee....I won a giveaway through her blog!  Whimsical Blog Designs sponsors her blog and did a blog design as a giveway!  Woohoo!  So, in about a month or so you will see pretty new stuff going on here at LLoM!  I can't wait!!!!!  Kate, the owner, has a style and design eye that is just right up my alley and I absolutely can't wait to see what we come up with.  I think it will be nothing short of great!
While I love love love walking the trail when I go out (which has been around 3-5 times a week at this point! yay!) but I've been staring at bikes for weeks now.  Weeks!  I'm attracted to the classic Schwinn bikes like the Admiral or the Errand .  I love them both but I'm more drawn to the Admiral because in person the Errand is actually a weird, dark purple that just....well, isn't my color.  haha  Plus the Admiral would match my red baby Jeep!

Well, I think that was enough chatter for the moment, don't ya think?  haha....lastly, here are two pictures from the last couple of days....

We got B overnight this weekend!  He absolutely cracks me up!!  He got on this kick of walking in a circle around the coffee table in the living room until he, quite literally, crashed.  Such a silly boy!  I love how he is sleeping on the dog bed (I promise it is a clean one, none of the dogs lay on it) while Emma is on the couch.  Oh, and the kitchen towel?  He wanted it when I was washing my hands before dinner and then didn't part with it the rest of the time he was here.  And, no, we didn't leave him here, right after this was taken we put him in his pack'n'play for the night.

It was deceptively sunny yesterday...so bright but sooooo cold!  This morning it is even colder at like 35!  I love these shoes too...I may have gotten them in three different colors.  They aren't Tom's, they're Airwalks, so comfy!  The closest you can come to walking barefoot without being barefoot!  I have the black, grey, and the purple ones....I don't have the multi ones because I don't know what I would wear such a print with.


  1. yay for winning a giveaaway, i'm pretty sure i just bought the pink version of those shoes, i can't wait til you're here!!!

  2. love those shoes! & the old navy dress! so cute! when is your trip anyways? mine is in 23 days! lol it's a camille countdown!!!



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