Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dear You...

Hi.  It was so unbelievably awesome that you stopped by yesterday when you were out running errands for work.  Secretly, I was thankful that I hadn't taken long in the shower and missed your call....and I was thankful that I actually got dressed instead of just throwing sweats back on!  Your face has changed, but at the same time, it hasn't.  I can tell that you're not sleeping, I can see that you're stressed, and you've gotten....older, weathered.  But you're still you.  I wonder how you see me.  It has been five years since we've seen each other.  I didn't realize how much I missed you, how much I wanted to hug you until you were in front of me.  When that door opened and I hugged you, it was so....delightful and easy.  When I asked when you were coming back and you responded with "When do you want me back?" my heart melted even though I didn't want it to.  I want you back here all the time.  I love spending time with you because it makes me feel far less alone....it makes me feel alright being out here and being away from Dayton....it makes me feel like someone cares.  I think that is what I missed most about you, that you always made me feel important in some way or another.

All I want to do is be there for you.  I worry about you.  I know you hate living alone, I know you hate sleeping alone and if I could fix all those things for you, I would, in a heartbeat, but you need to let me fix them.  You need to let me in.  I will be your friend through everything, I will always be here for you.  I just hope you know that.

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