Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bookworm Wednesday!

So, I remembered about 1130 last night that yesterday was Wednesday and I was too tired to actually post that late so here I am!  :)

I have been wanting to read a bunch of newer books but the library here in Middle of Nowhere, Ohio has much to be desired when it comes to new books so I get to be creative.  I went looking for Paullina Simons' Tatiana & Alexander but found only her book Tully so I checked it out.  (random, but I find it incredibly funny that I have bookshelves full of books that I haven't read yet but still go to the library!)

I'm only less than half way through it but it is AMAZING!  The three girls the books is about, Jennifer, Julie, and Tully, and the things they go through during their senior year of high school.  They have rather extreme ups and downs (alcoholic mother that beats one of the girls and getting a light blue camaro for one of the girls...) but I can still see myself and my two closest friends from school in each of the girls.  I can relate to each of them in different ways.  It really is a great written story so far and I have high hopes for the rest of the books.

In other book news, my ldb, Camille, sent me two books that I can't wait to read and share soon!  Thanks, ldb!

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