Friday, March 2, 2012


I've been knitting for me a lot lately and I need to get back into knitting for Scarlett Key.  Or crocheting for Scarlett Key.  Or just crafting for Scarlett Key.  I have some ideas but they seem very very very.....common?  I'm struggling with originality which is why I think I've shied away from putting anything out for sale lately. 

With that said, I am currently still working on my Springtime Bandit that I will show when I'm done.  I'm still working on the test knit that I signed up for; it has to be back to the designer by the 10th so I have a deadline on it that I need to pay attention to.  I'm also getting ready to cast on for a baby sweater for the new niece that's coming in July.  Since I can't do for one without doing for the other I am also on the hunt for something to do for B, that will take some thought. 

I spent a lot of yesterday with one of my friends that I haven't seen in 5 years.  We went through a major falling out and it was hard for us to come back together, but we have, or at least we are on our way to being good friends again.  Not gonna lie, we cried when we saw each was like seeing a family for the first time in forever.  But, we talked (and walked - 5 miles!) for hours.  We caught up on a lot, she talked about Matt (my friend that died in February, her fiance/boyfriend for year and years), I talked about Heather (my friend that died a few years ago), we just talked about everything.  It was very therapeutic and needed.

I hadn't heard from my non-boyfriend as often as normal so I texted him last night...and he told me he's been having tests done on his heart which worries me like nothing ever has before.  The tests this week have been normal, there is one or two next week and then hopefully he will be better.  We were kidding that he could be dying of cancer and still wouldn't tell me because I already worry too much.  It is true.  I worry a lot.  (random side note, Ash knew about us and totally said all day that S and I will get together and make babies....ha!)

Life on the farm is still a novel idea.  But I'm really starting to miss Dayton.  I mean, I miss it anyways, but it hit me today that I really miss everything about it.  I miss my friends, my life in general up there, all of it.  Oh well, this is where I am now so I need to deal. 

We are due for some storms at some point....they said noon, then two, and now they're saying around 6/7 tonight is going to be the worst of it.  As much as I hate them, I can stand storms during the day but severe storms at night freak me the f*ck out! 

Well, I'm off to do something....creative.  Or just watch tv surrounded by my fur babies. 

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