Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bookworm Wednesday!

I'm getting really good at rambling BWW!  I'm not doing a whole lot of reading so I'm still in the middle of Tully along with all the other books on my nightstand.

Why am I not reading a whole lot?  Well, ever since my grandpa was put in the hospital, my world has been kind of turned upside down and I'm still waiting on the other foot to drop - this translates to not getting knitting, reading, sewing, anything done outside of what I'm asked to do on the farm.  Plus, warmer temps on the farm means outside chores!   Since I don't have a book cover to show you, how about a photo dump?

This is how El and I sack out most nights.... 

B's daddy (my brother) is a firefighter/emt so this little rain jacket I found is perrrrrfect for him!  I love it so so so so much!

Look who came to visit his great grandpa when he was in the hospital!  My grandparents love this little guy so dang much and I'm so glad Trevor and Jamie could bring B out to visit!

Something must have caught his attention on my screen.  He is usually pretty interested in anything I've got pulled up.

Bedtime for the horses!

This is part of our back field.  The house/barn/little barn is on top of the hill and everything goes down from there.  And, yes, we have a pond.  Two actually.

See?  I really do live here!  haha

This is looking out along the back fence row.  Next to our property is an arena that occasionally has rodeos and other things during the summer.  Best part?  We always get in free :)

The ear hair!  It kills me!  This is Chirp - named because she can't meow correctly.

Kitty in a bucket!

When I sit on the couch in my bedroom, this is what I see.  Yep.  It is pretty here.

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