Thursday, March 22, 2012

The River Walk

I realized the other day that I never shared pictures from the River Walk section of the trail.  Well, that isn't what it is called, it is just what I call it, because, well, it runs along the Scioto River.  I finally took some pictures today when I was out trying to clear my head.

This is about 3/4 mile into this part of the come out of a long shaded section and it just suddenly opens up into this!

....down to the river....but then you have to come back up again on the other side.

I think I mentioned somewhere that there were fences up so that you can't fall into the river...well, this is one of them.

...ugh the uphill.  Kills me every.single.time.
What I call the back section, you are so level with the river then it is up and down through some hilly sections.

This part gets closed if it rains too much because of the river swelling.

Those stacks in the back belong to the paper mill - stinky!  Oh, and yes, that is a heart painted on the trail down in the left corner, they're painted pretty randomly around the trail.

They tried to kill me.  I swear.

The old Pump an art gallery.  
 Oh, and my obsession with graffiti grows.....

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