Saturday, February 25, 2012

Baby Showers Make My Ovaries Cry ha!

Today I got to go back up to Dayton to celebrate with one of my best friends!  Her baby girl is due March 26th and I absolutely can not wait for Miss Lexi to get here so that I can spoil her rotten!  haha

I've been quiet here on the blog during the move and then my laptop crapped out on me so I had to suck it up and get a new one.  Thankfully I found a wonderful HP on sale and it is huuuuuge compared to my little netbook that I was using!  :)  I'm quite in love....but at this point I don't have a way to get pictures or bookmarks or anything off the other laptop so I'm rebuilding all of the above on this new one.

Elroy is adjusting to living here on the farm.  I feel bad that he is in my room most of the time so I try and get him out into the main part of the house as much as possible.  He's rather afraid of my dad's dog Katie so as soon as he sees her, he is usually on his way back to my room anyway.  Oh well.  I try.  Cody seems to be over the moon about me being here, but he doesn't sleep in bed with me too much anymore.  My bed sits up super high, so he usually opts for my couch which now sits in my bedroom.
My days have a comfortable routine at this point.  Wake up, feed El and Cody, let Cody out, help mom in the barn if she needs it, play with crafty stuff/catch up online, eat lunch with mom and/or clean the house for her if she's at work, mess around with anything that needs done until it is time to feed the horses then it is dinner time and the evenings I knit usually.  Speaking of knitting, here is a photo dump....

I taught myself lace knitting stitches!  Go me!

This is what I have done on my Springtime Bandit.  I think it is funny how lace shawls usually start out looking a bit like stingrays....

This is the beginning of a test knit that I signed up for on Rav.  I really like it!

This was one of the very last days in my apartment....and one of my go-to outfits in the winter.  Jeans, thermal, green sweater, pink scarf.  Can you see how wrinkly my jeans look?  That's because they are so dang big on me!

As I was cleaning, I found this picture of me.  It is probably one of my favorite pictures ever of myself.  I'm so genuinely happy!  

I love love love love this picture of B and Abby!  They are such a great pair of troublemakers!  

I'm slightly obsessed with this scarf.  Neon pink AND grey giraffes?!?!  Hell to the yes!

Who knew ceiling fans could be so interesting?  

And, finally, I took this today on my way to Allicen's baby shower.  I love that because of my face I can wear big sunglasses, they're my favorite!  I also really love this grey sweater from Old Navy!  :)

 I hope everyone is having a delightful weekend!  I'm looking forward to the Oscars tomorrow, I'm such an awards show junkie!  :)


  1. lllllllllllllddddddbbbbbbbbb! you gettin' so SKINNAY. and you so pretttay!!

  2. Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog! I love alf! I also cant wait to watch the oscars I recorded them so I can watch them tonight!


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