Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bookworm Wednesday!

Hi!  It is Wednesday....and a Bookworm one at that!  haha

I don't have a picture this week but I just thought I would share what is currently on my nightstand since I can pick up and read just about anything on it at any given time....

I picked up Girl with a Dragon Tattoo and...the second one (sorry, I can't think of the name...) at Target before I moved from Dayton because I caught them on sale for $6 each.  I had to get them for that price.  I haven't started either of them yet, but they are high up on my read list so I will pick them up soon.

I have Scottish Prisoner which is the latest in the Outlander series from Ms. Gabaldon.  I love love love love this series!  When I first found it, there were six (seven?) books out already and they are seriously like 900 pages or more long.  I read them all within a month.  Now, I wait, rather impatiently, for the next one to come out.  This is a series that I don't want to end.  Ever.  If you like romance with a lot of history then this is a *fantastic* series!

I still have Dingley Falls on my nightstand too, I'm slowly making my way through this.  It helps that the chapters are insanely short so I can easily stop and start since I go by chapters.  It is still, um, interesting.  Definitely catches me off guard rather quickly.

My Nook is over there too but I haven't picked it up in a while, since I finished my last book.  I haven't started a new one on there yet, but I already have probably 30-ish books on my "Unread" shelf to go through.  I tend to download the Free Book Friday selection each week even if I don't know if I will read it.  You never know...

And finally, I have my orange knitting folder.  I see knitting charts when I close my eyes now.  I'm currently trying to fumble my way through two lace projects and they are both kicking my ass. 

I will be back with regular posts soon, now that I'm back at the farm I tend to be outside a lot, or just not in front of a computer that often.  Today is a rarity because I finally hit a wall with the knitting that I just needed to think about something else.  I also have the most random conversations with my parents so that may become something I write about quiet often.  Here is another little convo that happened last night...

(after dinner, still sitting at the table with my mom & dad)
Dad - So, what's for desert?
Me - well, mom ate the last no-bake....
Dad - not what I asked.  I asked what was for desert.
Me - I have peanut butter m&m's hidden in my room.
Dad - well, then, I will come visit you this evening....we will bond....over peanut butter m&m's. 

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