Monday, February 27, 2012

My walk!

I went on a walk today to scope out some trails....well one really long trail.  haha  enjoy the pictures ;)

I wonder if I could make it up there to sit in that little alcove?

Think of how tall a telephone pole realize that is how high up in the hills this trail went at times

They weren't chained because people steal them....they were chained so they couldn't fall down the hill.

The road is 35...Now look in the distance.  The white building on the left is the county prison.  The green roofed building on the right is the state prison.  Yep.

THIS was my goal point!  I MADE it!!!

See?  I did get to it!

Dear Ross County, you have odd graffiti. 

On the way trail to nothing.

I was so happy I wore a sweatshirt for these moments!  The wind kept it pretty cool, but it was even colder in the shade.

This is actually part of a private drive that is part of the trail.

Hm.  Wonder where that path goes....

I want to explore this old barn so bad!

People live along the trail....they're nice haha

The last little hill up to my Jeep!  It was much steeper going up than down, I swear!  haha

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  1. what a great hiking trip! the pictures are beautiful! i can't wait for warmer weather so i can start being outside more!


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