Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fast Times at Ridgemont High is one of the best movies.

No, seriously.  I love it.  Every time it is on tv I watch it.  haha

In other news, I finished up my mini swap gifts last night at about 2 a.m. 

Cute, right?  They actually have pin backs so they can be pinned on a jacket or tote or something.  My stitching is a bit wonky, it has been years since I did a running blanket stitch on anything but once I got the hang of it again it got much better.  Working on these last night made me want to work on my quilts again, so once the move it over that might happen.  I want to work on my Sunbonnet Sue quilt, which is probably the last time I used my running blanket stitch since it is mostly applique!  I found so many pieces to it when I was cleaning out my sewing basket the other day.  I think I have enough to make a baby's quilt for my unplanned, non-conceived daughter.

I had planned on taking another load of stuff out to the farm today, but for the last part of the week I kept hearing from the weather people that we were going to get snow off and on all day....and I'm not a fan of driving in snow at all!  So, I changed my plans to stay in my apartment all weekend....well.  It is is now 1 in the afternoon and there isn't a cloud in the sky....and no snow on the ground from the 1-2 inches we were supposed to get last night.  Oh well.  I also already made plans to meet up with Allicen tomorrow (probably) because they said it was supposed to rain all day but I'm wondering if that rain is going to happen either.  UGH.  I hate Ohio weather sometimes!  So very fickle. 

I'm working on packing up my kitchen this weekend as well.  I'm planning on leaving out one set of things, plate, bowl, silverware, etc.  That means that I'm going to get creative with what I eat haha  I will figure it out like I've figured out everything else these past couple of weeks.  The landlord put up the "For Rent" sign yesterday so I'm trying to keep my cleaning/packing to an acceptable level of non-messiness in case people want to come in to see the place.  Let me tell you, that's pretty hard to do!  haha

I'm super excited to be close to the walking trails by the farm!  That's been my mine focus in this move.  I will hopefully be able to take Bry out on them.  I say hopefully because he's a bit of a monster on the leash.  And the fact that he's basically the same size as me but stronger?  Yeah, that makes for an interesting time.  :)

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