Monday, January 30, 2012

Dear You.....

We had fun, right?  You know, just about six-ish years ago when we would spend a few evenings a week with each other just hanging out?  It was easy breezy and it was just what both of us needed at the time.  Well, Mister, I kinda need you again.  I'm moving back to an area where you're the closest thing to a friend I have....but we haven't spoken in a long time.  For the record, I'm not counting the sporadic texts we've had over the last couple of weeks as speaking to each other.  I literally don't know anyone but my parents there anymore, and that scares me.  I'm very afraid that I will become a girl that is a shell of me without anyone resembling a friend to hang out with.

I'm a very different girl than the one you knew.  I'm sure you've changed as well.  We've both gone through a lot and that makes me curious as to what kind of person you are now.  How you're adjusting to being single after so long, but if I know you, you've thrown yourself into work and well, anything that doesn't involve you just sitting around.  I'm curious if we'll hang out and do things that we used to do....sit on the couch watching movies (and you falling asleep....), laying in bed talking until we fall asleep (probably my favorite memory of us), if you would still get fake mad at me for not touching you while we fall asleep (I'm still very "don't touch me" when I'm sleepy haha), if we will spend evenings cleaning (I still have a scar on my finger from washing your knives that one time - I will never forget you going all EMT/Medic on me that night), if you'll go back to being the one that changes the oil in my car (I'm still really good at keeping a guy company in the garage!)....I've spent a bit of time thinking about the things we did, as much as I've tried not to.

I also wonder what you remember.  When you think of me, when you think of that time, what do you think about?

I also reallllllly wonder if you will read this and know that I'm talking about you. 

I just wonder.

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