Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I love SouthLAnd.

Yep....this girly girl really loves that gritty cop drama.  Well, I really love Michael Cudlitz a whole lot too...

I took my second round of stuff over to the farm today.  I moved all but one of my end tables (the last one has my ivy on it...), all three bookshelves, all my books, and all my antique glass.  I broke two nails in the process so I think it is time to cut them all off, it will happen probably first thing tomorrow.  I did realize, though, that I don't have a whole lot of little boxes/stuff to move at this point.  It is mostly furniture now.  And the rest of the pictures off my walls.

In other news, I need to figure out how to make friends by the farm.  My school (when I actually am enrolled...) is online.  My little shop is online My ldb is online (well, really in NJ, but you know what I mean).  My friends up here, are well, up here and not there.  I don't know.  There is this guy that I've known forever (seriously, since we were like five!) and my parents really want him and I to actually get together and be a couple and get married and have babies.  THREE different times today I was asked, "so, when you move back are you and ____ going to finally get serious since you'll be closer?"  For the record, ____ and I are totally happy and comfortable in our relationship, and just because I'm closer doesn't mean we are going to get together and make babies.  Plus, I don't want to attempt one relationship when I need to sort out feelings for another relationship.  ya know?

On a happier note, here are some random pictures I took today when I was at the farm...

How pretty is my little guy?  I love Cody so so so so so much!
Just for the record, that's me on the right.  Yeah. 
Did anyone else have agenda books in school?  We were required to write all of our assignments in ours, some teachers even graded/signed off on them!  These go from 8th grade to my senior year.  Reading the homework assignments I had, you could definitely tell that I was taking classes like Advanced English (all four years), Chem, Advanced Algebra, etc.
Yep, the walls of my room at the farm are still painted the same from when it was the nursery for Ida the little girl that lived there before us.  Ida is now like almost 10.  And I still have Winnie the Pooh painted on my lavender walls.
This is how El fell asleep on me after dinner tonight....I like to pretend he does cute stuff like this because he misses me when I've been gone all day.  :)


  1. agenda books???? i forgot all about those til just now, those were so cool (ok, i was a nerd who loved mine :)

  2. those are the same agendas we had in high school :) - differnet designs of course. that company must make a killing! haha


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