Sunday, December 18, 2011

Professional Goals of 2012

While I have my personal goals that you'll be seeing soon, I am such a goal-minded person that I also have professional goals. Since I'm still unemployed, my professional life is still just my little 'ole Etsy, Scarlett Key. Other than the obvious “make it profitable” goal, I have three ultimate goals that I've set for the shop.

1 – Add new products. This will include my doily art, my interpretation on the dream catchers I grew up with, and a few other ideas that I have rolling around in this noggin of mine. I'm really excited to try new things and learn new crafts.  (edited prior to posting - I can't handle it!  I have to share a few more things that I'm looking into making!  Wooden buttons.  Jewelry.  Crochet stuff that I've designed.  Crochet patterns in pdf form.  More vintage goodies I've found in my mom's closet.  New bag designs. I'm really excited!!!)

2 – Do something good with my store. I want to take a product or two and donate something from them. This will either be donating part or all of my profit from a product or if you buy one, I will donate one. I'm thinking that it will be involved with something quick to make like baby hats or something. Can you tell that I haven't totally thought this one out yet? My goal is to have this done by February 1st so that I will have the majority of the year to do something great hopefully! Won't you help?

3 -- Get my blog and Scarlett Key to a point where I can confidently sponsor blogs like Camille's or Susannah's or Kaelah's.  These three blogs really got me into blogging to begin with and all are huge inspiration to me so to have the confidence in my products and words to sponsor and really put my name out there would be a great place to be.  (Random, but I've had this post written for a while and then I saw this post by Kaelah that made me feel even more like I'm in the right direction!)

Do you set goals for your professional life? Do you have an Etsy or Goodsie store and have new ideas for it? Share 'em!

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  1. i wish i could focus on one item for my etsy store (or one type of item)...any ideas??


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