Tuesday, December 20, 2011

12 in 12!

This is probably one of the things I'm most excited about with the incoming new year!  I have my 12 in 12 pretty well figured out and I wanted to lay out the schedule on here so I hold myself (and you all can hold me) accountable!  If I don't follow through, someone please give me a virtual kick in the ass? mmmm-kay?

First, here is the banner for the posts.  Of course, El has to be in the pictures because I'm sure he will be ever-ready helper in most of the projects.

(this is a normal way to lay for him....serious.)
So, starting with the first Sunday of the year, I will be sharing my projects for 12 in 12!  The monthly schedule will look like this (I'm hoping!)

FIRST SUNDAY - Crochet square.  I'm hoping to do a square that is about 12 inches so at the end of the year I will be able to make a 36x48 throw blanket....or I can do a few more blocks and end up with a 48x48 throw....then add a pretty border. 

SECOND SUNDAY - Charity hat.  I want to be able to give back as much as possible.....hopefully this will help my goal of donating as many hats as possible this year.  As noted in my professional goals, I will also be doing something with Scarlett Key along this route as well...and I've decided what I'm doing with that!  I will share soon!

THIRD SUNDAY - Quilt block.  Same idea as the crochet square, but in patchwork or paper piecing....ie. fabric :)

FOURTH SUNDAY - Original design!  This is probably my favorite!  I spent most of one day last week creating and brainstorming my own designs for crochet!  Can you believe it?!!?  I will be sharing the finished product, but not the pattern.  I think.  Not sure about sharing the pattern or not....if they're half way decent then I may try and sell them via Scarlett Key and/or Ravelry.  So, if anyone knows someone that can crochet that can test patterns for me, that would be awesome!

As for if there is a fifth Sunday or not....well, those will be my off weeks when I can take a break.  How do these sound?  Would you do anything differently?  Are you doing a 12 in 12?  Share! 

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