Friday, December 16, 2011

Let's not forget something this holiday season...

Anytime I can give back, I do. I have seen how much charity can be appreciated and needed so I constantly keep that in the back of my mind. During this time of year it is easy to get caught up in getting gifts for loved ones, but please don't forget that there are people in this world that don't have loved ones and animals that don't have a forever home. I just wanted to share a few charities that are very dear to my heart.

1 – Animal Shelters. They're always over crowded and in need of something. Sometimes, though, they just need someone to love and hug and walk the dogs and cats they have. Would you want to stay cooped up in a cage all day, every day? If you can't share your time then they are always taking in food or blankets or anything you can think a pet would need or want. They aren't just looking for people to give a forever home, but that would be AWESOME if you could share your world with a fur baby!!

2 – Ronald McDonald House. Did you know that the average stay at a RMH is only about a week or so? Well, my brother stayed at one for nearly six weeks while B was in the NICU. In those six weeks, I learned a lot about what they do for families. In addition to providing a bed for moms & dads, they have a kitchen that's stocked (Trevor was super pumped when he found their stash of Girl Scout cookies! Haha) and open so that they could cook there. They provided security for Trevor and Jamie walking to and from Children's (our Children's isn't in the best neighborhood....). More than anything, they provide peace of mind and emotional support to families. They have created a place that parents can meet other parents and find a shoulder to lean on that belongs to someone that knows just want they're going through.

3 – Did you know that most Children's hospitals are non-profit? And, like most hospitals, they're desperately short-staffed. They can always use volunteers to rock babies (I saw this a lot in the NICU!), to make craft packages for kids, to play games with kids. They also take in donations for hats for kids, blankets, bears (make sure that your hospital will take them if you go this route....Dayton only accepted certain types of toys...).

These three are very near and dear to my heart. I would love to hear any charities that you love!!

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