Friday, December 30, 2011

New Etsy stuff coming soon!

Scarlett Key will be getting added to soon!  I will probably be posting things over the course of a few days, or if I really get frisky I will do it all next week when I go home sometime!  Want some hints?

Newly designed by me headbands
Large & funky rings
Large & funky bobby pins
Handcrafted wooden pens (made by my daddy!  I get my crafty gene honestly!)
Earrings - some chain/beaded and some wooden ones
New color cup cozies

....and soooo much more!

In other news, I follow Susannah on Twitter and Blogger and each month lately she's been running a quick mini contest for her Twitter followers of winning a small monthly ad on her blog!  How fun is that!  I missed last month, but I won this month!  So, starting Sunday or Monday my little blog button will be on her sidebar!  How rad right?!?!  She does fun sponsor posts at the end of the month too so I will get a little write up there!  I emailed her my stuff tonight so, fingers crossed, everything goes well and my reader/shoppers will go up this month!  If you follow her on Twitter you might catch her giveaway next month!  (hint, she usually does it around the 20th or so...)

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