Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bookworm Wednesday! (v.11)

Random fact of the day....did you know that the actor Ethan Hawke was also an author?  I did!  He actually has a few books out, but this is the only one that I own.  He's actually a pretty good writer!  The Hottest State is a pretty intense love story about William and Sarah who meet randomly and then set off on a whirlwind romance.  What starts out sweet and simple, turns into obsession and an intensity what will do harm to just about anyone involved.

The Doctor's Wife is equally intense and damaging.  It literally starts with a sentence about a woman holding a gun.  Whoa!  What a way to open a book!  When you're the wife of a solitary OB/GYN in a remote place, you end up lonely a lot of the time.  Well, this doctor's wife starts an affair with a rogue artist and it all goes down hill from there!

Whistle Stop is another of my vintage finds.  I love some good vintage (from the 30's, 40's, and 50's) writing!  It follows the Veech family through a summer of turmoil, loves, poverty, and so much more!  It is a really good picture of what life was like for the large families of the days before WWII.  I know how much drama just the three of us kids had growing up, it is hard to imagine having more kids in the same family!  Oh my!  What drama ensues during the high temps of July and August for this family!!!  (another random note: this book was also made into a movie starring Ava Gardner!)

Now....want a picture that is a hint for Scarlett Key?

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  1. i have to read the doctors wife. it sounds so intriguing. and i used my cozy twice today :)


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