Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pretty Day at the Farm (image heavy)

The front step is where all the cool kids hang out, don't ya know?
Dear SafeLite...
I kept trying to get his attention, but he doesn't like the camera for some reason..... he ends up doing stuff like this.
They do move when the cars start.  I swear!
Machine corner....and daddy's one-eyed tractor ha!
Runt!  And a random yellow kitten.  
They can sleep anywhere!
Anywhere I tell ya!
And usually the kittens sleep with a buddy.
I feel bad for the mommas....any time the lay down they get attacked by kittens.

When they sleep out here, they have to be protected since My (the horse in this area) is blind.
Stall walls are another favorite spot....and the barn aisle....
Fuzzy, aka Queen Sheba, surveying her lands.  She thinks she runs this place!
Old milk jugs, some marigolds, and the old hitching post = front of barn decorating!
Front yard!  And the back yard is even bigger!!!  
Some of my momma's flowers!
And the flowers on the other side of the porch.  Oh yeah, and another kitten.
Horses!  The "mares" as we call this trio....
Wind chimes, a flag, and a horse hanger.  Yep, that will always be home to me.
Dangling my feet off the front porch is a great thing. 

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  1. i really really really want to move there. warn your parents i may show up :)


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