Tuesday, August 9, 2011

These late night blog postings are great....

....a great way for me to clear my mind before I go to bed!  ha!

I love crochet.  I really do.  But I want to get my hands back on to my knitting needles and teach myself as much as I have with crochet!  I've been making cup cozies for Scarlett Key, and while I love them, sometimes I look at my little stock pile and think: These bad boys need something else....just something.  I can picture a small crochet flower stitched on the side.  Hopefully that will take care of that issue.  BUT - I want to have a different base pattern to work off of.  I've been looking at crochet cables and front-post doubles and back-post doubles (did ya get that?  They're crochet stitches....) and while I think those will help, I really *LOVE* most of the knitted cup cozies!  What is holding me back?  All I know about knitting is how to knit and purl - and honestly, I do those backward since I learned how to knit by facing my Grandma and not sitting beside her, so I saw the wrong side of what to do.  I figure that since my dad is leaving and it is just my mom and I, I can corner her to teach me because I know she knows how to knit like a mad woman!  I can remember her doing it when I was a kid!  I will need to make a run to Hobby Lobby (thankfully there is one close by here!) to pick up needles since I didn't bring any of mine here this time and I'm not sure that mom has the ones that I need to learn on.  This fact shouldn't shock anyone that knows anything about me, but I have about 30 pairs of needles in sizes from 00 to like 14 or so.  I have collected them from my grandma, ones my brother learned on in high school (he took home ec to be in a class full of girls!  ha!), auctions, and ones that I've bought.  And I can tell you where I got any given pair that you hold up in front of me.  I also found a full set of crochet hooks here (on the farm...) in my stash of stuff I forgot I had!  Oh my!  And I found a ton of fabric in my sewing basket that I forgot I had....and if you follow me on twitter (@prajaline) you will also already know that I realized I have a TON of books!  I found more boxes today....so the final count on books is this: 3 full bookshelves and 10 boxes.  Yep.  I dream of a library in my house one day.  Back to the topic at hand.....I'm going to figure how to knit these dang cute cozies!  At least with knitting I can go to yarn shop in town and get help; the girls in there don't know how to crochet so I turn to my books and YouTube when I need help with stitches.

Other randoms that I dealt with today:
~ My mom's tiny dog is a butthead!  That dog bit me twice today!  TWICE!  And I have the marks to prove it.  Finally Cody figured out what was going on and came to rescue me....that's my 12 pound protector!  haha
~ I managed to get stung by two different bees too! 
~ How did I get stung?  I was over yelling at the bastards that the electric company sent to cut down trees on the edge of the farm.  I think I'm super emotional about that area because that was Winston's spot, and I miss that dog like caaa-razzzy! 
~ Speaking of Winston - Dad is still trying to find a "replacement" for a lack of a better term.  We need a new farm dog.  We went to look at a dog today, and I knew as soon as I saw him that he just isn't the dog for this farm.  Dad has always said that more often than not, our animals just seem to find us, which is totally true.  Pup got thrown out of a truck in front of my sister.  Max showed up via Missy who just walked on to our farm.  Pendleton picked my dad way back when.  Sabol picked my mom so many years ago.  Emma picked my mom when she went to look at the littler.  Bryant picked me when I went to see that litter.  They just seem to find us. 
~ I am voraciously reading anything I can about the season of Project Runway - All Stars!  I'm borderline obsessed.  Not sure why.  haha
~ Tomorrow my big plan is to continue purging items from my old bedroom here at the farm.  YARD SALE here I come!  Mom and I are doing one in September I think.  I'm totally getting rid of so much! 
~ If I could date a tv character I would have a hard time choosing between Owen on Grey's Anatomy, Joey from Friends, and a combined character made of Ted, Marshall, and Barney from How I Met Your Mother.  Oh heck, who am I kidding....I'm a Dr. Christian Troy from Nip/Tuck kind of girl!  haha  Who would you pick?

Alrighty people...I'm going to try and squeeze into bed with Cody and Elroy.  They seem to have finally figured out where their "spots" are - those spots are right in the middle of my bed.  It is important to note that at the farm, I don't have a huge bed like I do at home....I have a twin sized bed.  Here is a picture I took last night....I literally woke up once last night with El's paws KNOTTED in my hair. 

(oh!  and I'm having a heck of a time trying to pick something for B for his FIRST birthday!  any ideas?)


  1. Cuties in your bed ;) Your farm sounds more amazing everytime you write about it! And MY HAT CAME!!!! It came while I was gone, so I didn't see it right away, but I love it! It's a little snug, but I think it stretches enough to look good! I love it, thanks again!

  2. awww that sucks about the dog + bees bites! your bed sounds like mine...the animals run it! i really do want to come visit the farm, it sounds amazing!


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