Thursday, June 9, 2011

Yes, I'm 26 & yes, I crochet & knit....

A lot of my friends irl forget that I knit and crochet because I don't bring up all that often, especially before I lost my job.  I have since found my love for all things yarn all over again and it makes me a happy girl!  I can thank Susannah for a lot of that....I found her blog one night and literally took a day or two and read the entire thing.  She does some wicked cute knitting and crochet stuff.  And she turned me on to Ravelry which has turned into the best thing since sliced bread for me!  (If you join, I'm there under prajaline - friend me!  We can chat!) 

Well, I've quite a few of my friends and some bloggy friends (I'm looking at you Camille!) ask me to teach them or give them ideas on where to start.  I couldn't be happier about this!  Both knit and crochet are great crafts to learn!  They are keeping alive a craft that has been around for YEARS and one that probably a lot of our families did at some point.  Luckily I grew up with a mom that did both and a grandma that did both so well there are numerous news articles and such that were done about her - she also used to hold classes in her basement, how cool is that!?! 

Anywhoooo...This whole post was to link up to *THIS POST* from Susannah and say that I will be doing a craft book Bookworm Wednesday next week so keep your eyes out for that one! :)

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