Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bookworm Wednesday! (v.5)

Hey guess what!  It is Wednesday!  And I'm doing Bookworm Wednesday!  Go me!  haha

So, I'm tired and have a lot to get done that isn't getting done because I'm sitting on the, there are only two books today! 

The Modern Girl's Guide to Life is one of my go-to books for just about everything.  I've had it for a few years but only really use it when I'm living in my apartment.  Toilet leaking from an unknown source at 4 a.m.?  This can tell you how to stop the water at least (but it also tells you how to repair the whole guts part of a toilet....don't ask me how/when/why I needed that information.  Ha!).  Need to check your oil?  This can tell you what to look for on the engine.  Need budget conscious makeup brush cleaning tips?  They're in here.  And the best part?  THIS BOOK IS FUNNY!  It talks to you like it is your best friend talking to you. 

The Book of Questions is a though provoking book.  It has questions like what do you do if your best friend and favorite family member get bitten by a snake that you only have one anti-venom...who do you save?  Yeah, those kind of questions.  As a one-time (and probably again in the future) psychology student, this book fascinates me on an odd, deep level.  I highly recommend this as an ice breaker, or boredom buster!  (Random, but I reallyyyyyyy want *THIS BOOK* that's along the same lines....I mean, I want it BAD, so if anyone know where I can get it cheap, def let me know!)

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