Saturday, June 18, 2011

Just a few reminders.....

1 - Once I hit 10 followers I'm doing a giveaway!  Spread the word!  You've all seen my crochet, and the one hint I will give you is that crochet is involved ;)

2 - A lovely little blog I stumbled upon, *all things chula* is running quite a few giveaways that end today!  There are some great things up for grabs!  I entered like three or four of them!!

3 - Last, but certainly not least, my ldb *Camille* is running a giveaway too.  It ends tomorrow as well so get on it!  haha, she does one every month and they're always great things!  We've shared quite a few bestie packages and she puts thought into everything!  I just adore that girl! 

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