Monday, June 20, 2011

I think I'm out of my funk. Maybe.

I'm excited to be making something for Miss Haley!

I'm excited that my shop is open! .....just be warned: there isn't anything listed for sale.  haha

I got my hair cut for the first time in 8 months.  Not kidding.  I have had some HORRIBLE experiences with having my hair cut that go all the way back to five-year-old me getting held down to have my waist length hair chopped into a pixie cut.  So, when I go get my hair cut it is a pretty big deal.  Thankfully, the girl I took a chance on today was perfect!  She listened, she was super nice, and she's my age and doesn't plan on moving around like my other girls have done.

My sister is getting married on like July 17th apparently.  Guess I need to find a dress....agh!  I'm excited for her though.  She seems to be happy and he's been a great guy to her.  I took him to pick out her ring and got to spend some time with just me and him, so I feel better about their relationship now that we've talked.  I worry about my sister.

I'm excited about working on some major crochet projects.  I would like to do up a blanket for Amanda and Rollie, but not sure since they're getting hitched so quick!  I do have other projects to work on, so I def don't lack for things to do!

There is a barn full of kittens to play with at the farm.  How can you be sad when there is all kinds of kitten cuteness going on?!?!


  1. i want one of those kitties! send me one?? and let me see your hairzzz! and holy smokes, that wedding's coming up quick! wish i was up there so we could go dress shopping!

  2. kitties, kitties! i looove kitties! :)

    & I am so excited for you to make me something & the ring I'm gonna make you :)



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