Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Photo Catch-up!

Look at all this kitten goodness!  This is about three litters thrown together.  People say we're crazy when we tell them that the mommies put their babies together and take turns nursing or teaching or cleaning but they do!  With the exception of Bleach Spot, all the other litters are together in two separate groups - one on each side of the barn.

This is just one of the random barn cats on the old hitching post.  He is pretty normal in the fact that we have quite a few white cats with ice blue eyes.  I can tell it is a "he" because of the docked ear, when we "adjust" the boys, we cut the ear so that we know which toms are ours....

Apparently Buddy thought my craft bag was comfy.  I love this dog!  He cracks me up!  Trevor brought him out to the farm today and he ran up to me and stayed....I'm pretty sure that means he loves me too, right?  haha

Random, I LOVE Lunchables!  I mean, I could eat them every day and be a happy girl.  I took this picture because I wanted to profess my love for the fact that their meat *ALWAYS* is shaped like hearts.  This will never get old for me.  Never.

B has sippy cups!  Oh my!  What more can I say to this?!?!

Ahhhh high school me!  Mom gave me the *rare* opportunity to go through her desk looking for something, and I found a TREASURE TROVE of pictures!  This is Jacob and myself at my junior prom, so that would be May of 2002.  I love that dress!  The bottom is a long black satin skirt.  I still have it.  I'm not giving it up.  Ever.  (and WHY oh WHY did I ever think I was fat back then?!?!)

HAHAHAH  Another vintage find in the desk!  Amanda (my sister) wrote these for all of us in the family and this one is mine.  I almost peed my pants when I read this.  It could be worse though, she said my brother smelled like airplanes (he was studying to be an aircraft mechanic at the time), my dad looked like Santa (still kinda does in my opinion) and my mom only cooked and cleaned (yep, another one that hasn't changed...).  However, I still look like a queen...just sayin'

I worked some more on my swap project!  If I really sat down and did this, it would be done in no time!  I'm loving how it is turning out!

And this GIGANTIC horse is named Queen or Polly depending on who you ask.  She had a date with the slaughter house before my dad got in touch with the guy that had her.  She was a pull horse, and unfortunately those guys are heartless and when the horses can't do what they want them to do anymore, they kill them...unless someone like my dad steps in.  She is only 14 years old so she still has some breeding years in her and surprisingly she is actually about 300 pounds *less* than where she should be.  (that's Salem and Sam in the background, and Emma in front...they were all trying to smell her!)  My dad is about 6'1 and the top of her shoulders are taller than his shoulders....Salem's shoulders are shorter than my dad's by about two inches if that give you an idea of her size.

(not sure why blogger is putting all those crazy spaces in between pics, sorry!)


  1. can i please come to the farm and a) get a kitty and b) ride a horse? pleeeeeeeeeeeeease! that picture of you is sooo priiitty!

  2. I WANT YOUR FARM! I probably will just come find you someday & hang out ;) Just kidding!


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